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    My Goodbyes

    W4! I don't know who is still reading this forum since it was so long ago but this was probably my favorite worlds to play in. PERV made it pretty controversial and a ton of fun. Thanks guys Drum
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    WWI becomes public

    Leaving - war was fun It's been a blast playing this world and had a ton of fun in the war but alas, it is time to leave World 4 and wish all remaining players and tribes luck in the future. I wonder if it will end with a major 1 vs 2 clash but time will tell. I at least hope VETS were looked...
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    Merry Christmas US.4

    Merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy new year - i think i covered em all ;) May Santa bring you many :ax:'s
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    Ww1 trailer

    So true - one hand cig one hand bottle....rotate back and forth!
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    PERV declares war on Vets

    The Guy? I have a name ;)
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    PERV declares war on Vets

    Graph going down is not a good way to start a war ;)