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  1. Android changelog 3.02

    Dear Community, Improvements: Resources: Resource numbers for build tasks are now highlighted, if you are missing resources to actually assign a building task. It should now be easier to plan ahead at a glance on all related menus. Bugfixes: World map: - The map previously didn't show...
  2. Speed Tourney on the .Net server

    The US server will be represented by a team of players lead by Agoraphobia There will be a Speed Tournament on the .Net Server coming up soon. Agora contacted me with the wish to represent the US server during this tourney, We have agreed that at this time Agora will lead the team and set up...
  3. Inside view of Map changes and why..

    Hello everyone, We are aware that the recent change for the map screen caused some confusion towards the new map graphics. To better explain why we decided for this change, and to give you some more insight into our motivation for the new map screen, we wanted to take a few minutes to expand...
  4. Android update feedback

    You should be able to reply to this thread if not then please let me know.
  5. Android update

    Android - Update to version 3.01 Hello, Tribals! The Android version just got a huge update! New Features New Map graphics! The new map graphics are now available on Android as well - you can zoom into the map and still have a crisp image of your Tribal Wars world! As with the browser...
  6. Changelog 8,210 feedback

    Please discuss the changelog 8.210 here.
  7. Changelog 8.210

    Update to version 8.210 Hello, Tribals! Our new update will be released on 5-12-2020 and it will contain the following additions and changes: Map Graphics Overhaul This is a biggie! The graphics of our ingame map will be completely updated. This is not only great news for new and mobile...
  8. w47 opening feedback

    Please discuss all things with the opening of World 47
  9. World 47 Opening Soon 5-13-2020

    We are delighted to announce the opening of w47 on May 13th, 2020. *Preregistration is now open* Settings World speed 1,2 Unit speed .83 Morale active Points Nobles Coins Tech Simple Paladin Yes with skills books Bonus Vills Yes Barb growth to 2500 Church No Watchtower Yes Attack gap 200ms...
  10. Changelog 8.208 feedback

    Please discuss all things with chagelog 8.208 here.
  11. Changelog 8.208

    Update to version 8.208 Hello, Tribals! Our new update will be released on 4-28-2020 and it will contain the following additions and changes: Push Notification Changes We reworked the entire notification system to make it more convenient for everyone. After this Update, you can enroll into...
  12. Android App.. New!!

    We are happy to announce that our new Android application has now been released to all players! To reiterate what was said in our original announcement; this new app focuses mainly on improving the performance of the application so that loads times are strongly reduced and app stability is...
  13. A New (temporary) Classic opens Thursday 9th April

    Here are the original unedited world post. Is there something different in the settings that are not on this list? Morale was announced from the beginning? Where does it say morale is inactive?
  14. Changelog 8.206 feedback

    Discuss all things with changelog 8.206 here.
  15. Changelog 8.206

    Update to version 8.206 Hello, Tribals! Our new update will be released on 4-15-2020 and it will contain the following additions and changes: Decommission of Noblemen We added yet another popular player request to the game: It will now be possible to decommission Noblemen when the coin...