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  1. Castle Assault Rewards

    Does anyone know if the 10% population and recruitment speed buffs will remain after villages are capped?
  2. World 51 opening soon 1-13-21

    worse than that is the new quest system has more rewards than the old system. the new system gives rewards for each completed building. restarting the world would be the most fair option. refund people that spent money already and just restart it. some people dont have quests, some have the...
  3. w51 opening feedback

    Whats the fix going to look like for all the people who didn't have quests on the first day of the world launch? Some people have this new quest system that has more rewards while others are on the old system or just dont have quests at all. Cheers to whoever figures out this bug lol
  4. Quests

    The new quest system has a huge advantage over the old system. The new quest system gives a reward for every building completed on top of all the old quest rewards. I had the new quests while I was using the web browser, switched to steam and the quests just completely disappeared. So some...