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    World 50 Settings Suggestion

    The majority of the community would prefer a non pp world for sure. A non pp or classic world every 5 or 10 worlds would be great.
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    World 50 Settings Suggestion

    @kawoni can you confirm if it will be non-PP? (apart from regular PA+AM)
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    Request for a Classic 2 World

    +1 Without doubt this classic world has been a let down for just about every player. There should be no shame in admitting the settings are not what the community wants. @kawoni is always asking for feedback - here it is in this thread. You even have some brilliant solutions as outlined by...
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    A New (temporary) Classic opens Thursday 9th April

    Only if you're in K44 :rolleyes:
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    A New (temporary) Classic opens Thursday 9th April

    Will the world be allowed to finish/continue after the lockdowns? The original post sounds like it will only be open for a few weeks.
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    A New (temporary) Classic opens Thursday 9th April

    "For the duration of the current situation " What exactly does that mean?
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    Tribe Recruiting

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    W40 Premade - VS ALL

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    $$$ vs VS ALL

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    $$$ vs VS ALL

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    Classic world: future, ideas and settings

    No prem exchange or events. 5 tribe member limit. Tribes locked after 10 days. No outside tribe support, no shared forums and no shared noble planner allowed. Please
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    Pay to win events

    Just another money maker for Inno, don't expect it to change
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    Bot accounts active on this world?

    LOL at this entire thread
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    Correct me if I'm wrong -- The slow death of Tribalwars

    You forgot their academies too :rolleyes: