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  1. Build question

    A few days late to the party but that's TW forums unfortunately, discord is where most of the chat takes place. Even though its entirely possible that I'll reply and you'll never see it, here it goes. 1. Buildings Yeah, all buildings are beneficial regardless of Off/Def set up. A strong def...
  2. Good luck :)

    If some members here(like me) had an ego boost there'd be no egos left for the rest of you.
  3. World 50 discussion

    You guys came through with a very nice world <3
  4. W50 settings - what the people want

    The high performance round was a 2 village boosted start no? Basically kicked out all of the amusement of a no PP world without having to do the start up. I'm not sure what speed it was but with HP I'm assuming it was 3speed so 2 villa start and 3 speed, not much fun imo. I'm not sure who is...
  5. W50 settings - what the people want

    High performance and a normal world aren't the same thing so they're not really comparable.
  6. W50 settings - what the people want

    I'd only disagree with this part of the post, most playing now are only used to playing PP worlds and have already got PP ranging from 10k, 20k to over 100k. A no PP world is more balanced for newer players unless they're pushed into spending on PP to keep up on a game they've only just joined...
  7. Re-touching on World 50 Settings

    It'd vary whether or not it was a Premium or non premium world but if premium(market exchange, half builds etc, all bar PA/AM/LA which are the basics the above does work well for a rounded world for older and newer players alike bar two exceptions, One being scaving enabled for newer players...
  8. US49

    He would have played under another name, the irony is he's made a new account specifically to make a forum account to reply to this specific thread instead of replying on his actual account which is the sad thing lol No one stumbles onto TW, especially not the us server to take the time to join...
  9. US49

    Sooo.. You tried the game, got rimmed, got uber salty(owned the saltyness) and posted here? If this was call of duty, fifa etc it'd be uber cool but because its a browser game everyone is a sad sack with no life, you're lols little boy.
  10. Re-touching on World 50 Settings

    Yeah that's a solid point, with my lack of using scripts I'd overlooked that lol. It's unfortunate for micro farming though but for a newer player balance its a solid point.
  11. Best farm hauls?

    He's Sjot
  12. Re-touching on World 50 Settings

    I'd agree with the majority of the settings and reasonings to benefit both sides of the field, unless it's no PP I'll only farm it so my opinions not really relevant but watchtower, no scav and a fake limit is a little counter productive mainly due to the no scav. The scav is what helps the...
  13. US49

    Lol no doubt, 5 or 6 active posters is all that's needed to get something going if they're active but it tends not to happen and its genuinely a shame
  14. US49

    Agreed, a conversation that could've been had over discord in Pm is literally the only thing that randomly sparks forum activity
  15. US49

    Sure, I wasn't arguing with you, merely having a conversation and giving the forum more posts then it's got in months within 1 thread