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  1. Bonfire

    World 52 Opening soon feedback

    If you don't like the settings don't play the world maybe? lol instead of asking for them to be changed.
  2. Bonfire

    Let's change this game for the better

    1) The attack ratio needs to be reduced a lot. I was 500 points (actually playing) and this dude is at 60 points ( something you can get in 10 minutes of actually playing). As seen in the screen shot I lose literally 3 of my LC because of the morale is at 60%. 2) Your 2nd point doesn't make a...
  3. Bonfire

    Attack Timing Script

  4. Bonfire

    Hello TW World

    Welcome back to Tribal Wars Queen Andromeda. Let me know when you plan to play some of the non-casual worlds!
  5. Bonfire

    Tribal Wars Script Library Discord Server

    Broke another milestone. 1000+ members in the server. All scripts here are approved on both .us and .net! :)
  6. Bonfire

    The End

    I usually do this more towards the end of the world. I want to commend both sides for attempting civility this world. I know some diverted but I know that no one wishes actual harm to anyone. This world was fun for everyone and sometimes we get caught up in seeing each other as friend or foe and...
  7. Bonfire

    Link to .net scritps

    All scripts must provide proof and approval before being released to the public as well as the mod/staff that approved the script.
  8. Bonfire

    Link to .net scritps

    This is outdated as hell. You're best bet is to use the public script library that is updated daily with the writers of the script in the library to aid and help anyone who has an issue.
  9. Bonfire


    Playing video game that literally takes MAYBE an hour of my time on a good day = no life / no girlfriend. Hello everyone, 49 is kinda slow for being fast. I’m enjoying the almost 11-12 villages I have. Coming along nicely. Never played without a paladin before which is huge in nukes and sending...
  10. Bonfire

    Tribal Wars Script Library Discord Server

    I think I owe you a team with an arsenal of amazing scripts :)
  11. Bonfire

    Tribal Wars Script Library Discord Server

    The server is almost to 500 members. I never thought it would grow so massive. Thank you for everyone who joined and has actively shared the server with their tribe and their friends!
  12. Bonfire


    Can we get those back? I really liked that idea...
  13. Bonfire

    The World as we know it.

    :D I hope we can have a fun world with respect. This give me 37 flash backs with My tribe, Wickeds, and Max's tribe.
  14. Bonfire

    Tribal Wars Script Library Discord Server

    I have made a Tribal Wars Script Library on discord. Everyone is free to join and invite friends. I've partnered up with Sophie who has made the best scripts I've ever used and I wanted to share them and other scripts with everyone who plays Tribal wars. New and Old. We have teachers on standby...