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  1. Deja vu

    "I play fair btw"

    the only one playing it smart here is you and your "jokes" he straight up acussed u for something and u replied to him like u are god or something,not to mention the tribe name and profile pic. skills to buy pp...xD i wont even comment that p.s. my regards to my boy pointwhore,i hope he carry...
  2. Deja vu

    "I play fair btw"

    since when buying res from market requires skills? plus spending that amount of pp that your tribe did but stills needs to send messages around your map for "bashers",shows us the exact opposite. you can laugh at him,put him at your profile tribe and make your tribe name like his,but still
  3. Deja vu

    Bratva & P.P.G

    Hahahahah i must say,u are something else aus,you are just something else lmao. we declare a war and we offered you peace?hahahhaha you are such a clown for even believing u stand a chance agaist us,you will find out soon enough that thouts its ok. So besides all the lies u told us,let me tell...
  4. Deja vu


    Since noone is making the start ill do it,lets make this forum more alive!so on this forum we will discuss who we think will close each continent and why.Lets not destroy this post pls. ill start with my continent k54 here i think we will have an easy run but i dont know in which cont will...