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  1. changelog 8.256 feedback

    Please discuss all changelog 8.256 feedback here. Thank you.
  2. Changelog 8.256

    Update to version 8.256 Hello everyone, Our next update will be released on September 14th, 2021 and with it, there will be some bug fixes! Bugfixes A problem with the Paladin not getting XP for construction, even while staying in the village, was fixed. A problem with event quests not...
  3. W55 opening feedback

    Something we are going to try our for this world and change the strategy up for everyone a little bit. We do not want the exact same worlds every time do we?
  4. W55 opening feedback

    There is a US server discord channel so there should be a w55 chat..
  5. W55 opening feedback

    Base production has been at 45 for the last few worlds, Not something that we normally announce. and no it will not be changed at this point.
  6. W55 opening feedback

    Cas 7 has been opened for 165 days now.
  7. The Traveling Merchant Returns feedback

    Also for September 2021 traveling merchant feedback
  8. Traveling Merchant Sept. 2021 has returned.

    Dear players, the traveling merchant Midas is back and again in need of your help! Your job will be to guard him during his travels, and make sure he reaches his destination. Midas will will start his journey on September 9th, at 14:00 and be on his way for 5 days. His journey will end on...
  9. Congrats Tribe BET, for winning W51.

    Congratulations to the w51 winners BET 1. Paddington Awarded 3000 pp 2. XxTheBlackHandxX Awarded 2000 pp 3.kingz Awarded 1000 pp All members of the winning tribe were awarded 500 pp each. Paddington XxTheBlackHandxX kingz Im not Crazy Henkie...
  10. W55 opening feedback

    Please discuss w55 feedback here. Thank you.
  11. W55 Opening soon

    We are Happy to announce the opening of w55 on September 8th, 2021. *Preregistration is now open* Settings World speed 1 Unit speed 1 Morale active Points + time Nobles Coins Tech Simple Paladin Yes one only Bonus Vills Yes Barb growth to 2800 Church No Watchtower No Strongholds No Attack gap...
  12. W55 Settings

    Pre reg is opening soon and world to start about the 8th
  13. Tribal Wars Train

    Dear players, Over the past few days a lot of rumors surfaced about the legality of the Tribal Wars Train extension, due to announcements on different game markets. Today I come to you to confirm these rumours. A few years ago we allowed the widely used Tribal Wars Train Extension to be used...
  14. Changelog 8.255 feedback

    Please discuss changelog 8.255 here. Thanks.
  15. Changelog 8.255

    Update to version 8.255 Hello everyone, Our next update will be released on August 24th. 2021 and with it, we will be some minor bug fixes and three overhauls! Bugfixes A problem with rewards of the new Quest System not working properly after transferring from one world to the other has...
  16. Congrats to Where?

    Congratulations to the w50 winners Where 1. Unxpectedly Ann9ying Awarded 3000 pp 2. Baller3 Awarded 2000 pp 3. daryl1000 Awarded 1000 pp All the other members of the winning tribe will be awarded 500 pp each. Streetheataz ROCKETSMAD BrickCity Cheshire...
  17. W55 Settings

    Hey Guys and Girls. Guess what?? World 55 is coming up soon and we would like you to help us with the settings. If you have any ideas or suggestions for w55 settings, post them here. Your Tribal Wars Team
  18. Barricade Battle Aug. 2021 feedback

    Please discuss all things with the Barricade Battle here..
  19. Barricade Battle August 2021

    Barricade Battle Lords and Ladies! The evil Baron of Bollwerk once again took over our village and constructed barricades along the streets! You have to fight back but our troops are stuck outside the village! This treachery can not go unpunished! Hunt the Baron of Bollwerk At the start of...
  20. Find the mistake forum fun..

    Sorry Guys and Girls, I am slacking, the winner is maxlongbow1 Please contact me so that we can award you your points.