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  1. w59 opening feedback

    They will be forwarded to the powers in the towers at HQ. Thank you for the suggestions.
  2. Caption the picture Contest. 2022

    Still have a few days to win some easy prizes with this game...
  3. Camp Crashing Catapults 2022

    Do you feel the ground shake? Do you see the smoke on the horizon? Can you hear the drums? It has to be thousands! Or so they thought... because it is worse, a lot worse - for them. Because you are now in charge of a mighty catapult and their village will soon be in flames as you, My Lord and My...
  4. Caption the picture Contest. 2022

    Here is your first photo....
  5. Caption the picture Contest. 2022

    Dear TW Community, We are happy to bring you the caption the photo contest. Please keep it to one caption per photo per account. 3 Prizes will be awarded. The contest will end 5-16-2022. Good luck, be kind and have fun. All forum rules apply.
  6. Changelog 8.285 feedback

    Please discuss all things with the 8.285 changelog here.
  7. Changelog 8.285

    Update to version 8.285 Hello everyone, Our next update will be released on May 10th, 2022, and we have a small update for you! Over the last weeks, we have been busy working on different smaller improvements in the background and bugs that needed an exterminator on Beta, and that were...
  8. W59

    Welcome Back
  9. Congrats to the Winners of W56 M0NKE

    Congratulations to the w56 winners M0NKE 1. Stenly. Awarded 3000 pp 2. Icey98 Awarded 2000 pp 3. Milriko Awarded 1000 pp All the other members of the winning tribe will be awarded 500 pp each. Corndog, Squa, ttaylor14, Deja Vu, Baby Shark, Baller3, Inbusiness, grobari, 2Pacalypse...
  10. w59 opening feedback

    Welcome Back, The higher the world speed the slower the unit speed usually something like that. The world would close way to fast if the unit speed was over 1 at any time usually that is for speed worlds. Neither is really needed you just need to adjust your game play, like no sleep, set the...
  11. w59 opening feedback

    It's possible, Please add your suggestions for a new world at any time here on the forums.
  12. W59

    To many time zones is what we are told. :(
  13. w59 opening feedback

    Thank you..
  14. w59 opening feedback

    Should not have. Please send in a ticket to the support system if you are having an issue.
  15. w59 opening feedback

    Please discuss all things with W59 opening here.
  16. W59 opening soon 5-5-2022

    Dear Community, Are you ready for w59? Come join us and your friends on the new world!!! Pre Registration is now OPEN. You can find the settings for W59 below. General Settings: - Building speed: 1.6 - Unit Speed: 0.625 Game: - Archers: Deactivated - Paladin / Statue: Activated, with...
  17. Rebalance World Achievements

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are aware that some of the achievements are outdated and we are working on a new system hopefully to be brought to you all soon. We do not have a date on that yet but it is being worked.
  18. Last post Wins

    Thanks Red, you are correct points are tied to an account not a world, ;) I just always ask for the world easier to look up the name on a single world then an account on 5 worlds sometimes. No big deal as long as everyone gets what they are supposed to. ( I also like to see which world the...
  19. Last post Wins

    Done Abby58, enjoy
  20. Changelog 8.282 feedback

    Please discuss all things with the 8.282 changelog here.