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  1. Aenima

    w43 Opening soon feedback

    Totally agreed with all what Report said, especially about the barb vills per player and the rise ratio of barb vills. It would also be interesting to experience any different tech style but seems fine now.
  2. Aenima

    Who is joining?

    Yep, we've always been playing as a small group of players rather than the others but the limit here may change this at last.. Of course hugging is always there to spoil the fun, i hope this world will be different. The limit is so few that i can tolerate the second tribe but i hope people will...
  3. Aenima

    W 37/38 Premade - VS ALL

    It'd be exciting to watch these conditions. Good luck Dase!
  4. Aenima


    Totally agreed, cheers to kawoni about that. No 20:1 rule plus that tribe limit.. it'll be great to experience.
  5. Aenima

    W38 opening 12-12-2018

    Yep, we'll be there in our own style. Respectfully announced to all friends and foes :)
  6. Aenima

    Who is joining?

    Team PK will be there.
  7. Aenima

    W38 opening 12-12-2018

    Hey kawoni, what about "support outside the tribe" on or off? Nice settings btw cheers :)
  8. Aenima

    C*, DALEKS, NOPS. This ones for you

    Hey looovee, Seems like you want to hear that i've been a spy or something but this is not the case. I have sent nukes, prenobles and even led some OPs for C*, the active players know what i did and some of them were kind enough to thank for those.. I didn't jump anywhere, Maximuss, the leader...
  9. Aenima

    W30 Feedback

    You also moved the ones that were nobled, so?
  10. Aenima

    W30 Feedback

    I assume you are joking.
  11. Aenima

    Suggestions for W23

    It'd be great to have a world without morale but i don't think it is possible considering the players here. But you can find worlds with this setting on some classic worlds and especially on .masters server. 20-25 tribe member limit, no support outside the tribe, paladin without weapons and...
  12. Aenima

    US w22 opening Oct. 21st. 2015

    Nice settings to play but it'd be nicer to see something different to elevate the excitement here. Any premades joining?
  13. Aenima

    yo.. real talk..

    Well, altough i agree most of the other parts of your post, this statement is not true, my team PK (all members have been friends long before this game) is a good example for this. Besides i've seen some other teams that also have that intent while joining a new world. These kinds of teams are...
  14. Aenima

    W21 Opening Discussions

    Still, this server needs something new like a world without the new pp features i think. It keeps getting worse on every new world, actually all the ways should be tried to lower the hugging and boost the activity.. Lower member limits, disabled outside support, radical settings such as 10:1...
  15. Aenima

    Caption Contest #4

    Me while my two opponents are backtiming each other. (The man with the bag in the back)
  16. Aenima

    How much did you loot?

    It seems to me he knows how to use resies better than the most. Good job man, keep it up.
  17. Aenima

    How much did you loot?

    Plunderer (Silver - Level 3) Plunder resources from other villages 1.000 times. Next level: Plunder other villages 10.000 times! 1.934 / 10.000 1.934 / 10.000 Robber (Bronze - Level 2) Loot a total of 10.000 resources. Next level: Loot 1.000.000 resources! 98.424 / 1.000.000 98.424 /...
  18. Aenima

    Revitalizing The Forums

    Having stickied and active threads in the worlds' forum like milestones or journals will probably make it more fun and active here. Also auto-updating maps have gone with the new updates i guess, they were the main reason of my visits..It'd be nice if we could find a solution to this. And...
  19. Aenima

    How much did you loot?

    Plunderer (Bronze - Level 2) Plunder resources from other villages 100 times. Next level: Plunder other villages 1.000 times! 275 / 1.000 275 / 1.000 Robber (Wood - Level 1) Loot a total of 500 resources. Next level: Loot 10.000 resources! 8.729 / 10.000 8.729 / 10.000
  20. Aenima

    World 21 - Premades

    Yep, Ali was with them on us4. Thanks Milad, same here. I hope you'll start playing here again.