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  1. Dragu4

    Tribe -L- Recruiting to start W35 together

    Hey everyone! I want to form a group to start the new world together. Tribe Name: Leviathan Tribe Tag: -L- Requirements: Be active and always support your fellow tribemate. That is it. Message me in game once you preregister (Dragu4) for an invite. Or add me on skype: Spencer_Willson Thanks!
  2. Dragu4

    -L- vs CAOS Family

    So let me tell y'all a story. The tribe Leviathan declares war on the tribe CAOS/CHAOS/KAOS!
  3. Dragu4

    Co Play

    Hey world 9, the name is Dragu. I am looking for a co player with the online times of 0:00-9:00 server time. I am the leader of -L- so we would have to discuss some extra details about how we will handle that. If you are interested, pm here or in game. Or talk to me on skpe: spencer_willson...