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  1. Baja Blast

    Add a "recently updated" header section to the tribal forums

    forums are for basic bois
  2. Baja Blast

    Add the facility to place a flag on farms.

    forget that. early bird gets the worm.
  3. Baja Blast

    World map feedback 2020

    the before and after literally look the exact same. like is the only difference the shades of the walls/roofs? :/
  4. Baja Blast

    w45 opening 1-16-2020 feedback

    No scav = small pp, small pp = sad Taco Lord :(
  5. Baja Blast

    Battle of the Tower 2021 feedback

    Sell some more chickens and open your wallet.
  6. Baja Blast

    World at War

    Yeah, but when you realize you are fighting against only 1-2 members of the tribe, it doesn't look so impressive.
  7. Baja Blast

    World at War

    Definitely not allied haha
  8. Baja Blast


    GGs to everyone who was forced to have a firm grasp on their ankles during this lovely world due to the overwhelming force of the Space Wolves. Until next time..
  9. Baja Blast

    World at War

    No worries, just trying to correct a few things and I definitely could have went about it better. But, I can confirm that we are not allied with Beavs or with RNG :)
  10. Baja Blast

    World at War

    Lol everyone always blames losing on the top tribe having "too many allies." It's pretty funny, we actually only have one ally and they aren't even a top 10 tribe :D love the salt tho
  11. Baja Blast

    Did .US suddenly get smaller?

    *all the big noobs
  12. Baja Blast

    Did .US suddenly get smaller?

    Yes, I also thought it was humorous that StandBy was mentioned as a good farmer.
  13. Baja Blast

    Rumors & Accusations

    Please, only those that played in w37 should be speaking here. If you did play w37, you didn't do enough for me to even remember your name.. Sorry bud, but go easy on the salt please.
  14. Baja Blast

    20 to 1 Ratio

  15. Baja Blast

    Did .US suddenly get smaller?

    Some friendly advice: If you are going to try to make friends on a new server, don't come in and just shit on the server/players for multiple paragraphs right away. Makes you seem like you just came over to say, "Oh, Hungary servers are SO much better than US servers." It's a bad look.
  16. Baja Blast

    Did .US suddenly get smaller?

    All of the worlds start out looking extremely small. I would give it a few weeks to a month and look at it again.
  17. Baja Blast

    Early Lead

    As predicted, BDE is off to an early lead.
  18. Baja Blast

    w41 opening discussion thread

  19. Baja Blast

    Why have you destroyed Tribalwars for us?

    oh shit, well hi there buddy :)