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  1. 20 Years of Memories Event feedback

    Put that on video with the correct rules being followed and let me know when you have the video ready.
  2. 20 Years of Memories Event feedback

    We are asking for game relevance please.
  3. 20 Years of Memories Event feedback

    or the second or 5th ??
  4. 20 Years of Memories Event feedback

    Anyone going to share a video with us for a T-shirt? Be the first on the US Market.
  5. 20th Birthday Calendar Event

    Greetings Warriors, We are thrilled to announce that Tribal Wars is turning 20 this year! It's been an incredible journey, and we want to celebrate this milestone with all of you. Join us on a journey filled with surprises, rewards, and fun facts about the development of Tribal Wars in our 20th...
  6. 20th Birthday Calendar Event feedback

    Please discuss all feedback and suggestions here. Please and Thank you.
  7. Seas of Fortune June 2023

    Seas of Fortune Throughout history, the tribes have remained land-locked because they have a fear of everything that is wet and deep. Yet, some strange people have arrived at our walls, so-called sea-faring captains, who have reached the shores with their hulking, wooden contraptions they call...
  8. Seas of Fortune Feedback

    Please discuss all things with the Seas of Fortune Event here. Thanks.
  9. 20 Years of Memories!!

    20 Years of Memories! Warriors, diplomats, leaders, friends, and enemy spies! Today, we bring you a contest! What better way celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tribal Wars! Two incredible decades filled with unforgettable moments, cherished friendships, and boundless adventures await us...
  10. 20 Years of Memories Event feedback

    Please discuss all things with the 20 Years of Memories Event here with us.
  11. Changelog 8.320

    Update to version 8.320 Hello everyone, Version 8.320 will be released on May 31, 2023. With this update, we are introducing the following changes: Feature We improved the warning for the the nobleman's distance limit to make it more clear. bug fixes Fixed the automatic renewal of the...
  12. Changelog 8.320 feedback

    Please discuss all things with the changelog 8.320 feedback here.
  13. Caves of Greed feedback 2023

    Please discuss all things with the Caves of Greed event here.
  14. Caves of Greed Event 2023

    Caves of Greed Greetings Warriors, Prepare yourselves for a new adventure in Tribal Wars! We are excited to announce our upcoming event, "Caves of Greed", launching on May 24th, 2023 and ending on May 28th, 2023. This is a rogue-like event where you can pick your own path through the event...
  15. TW Meaning??

    Thank you for that information. It really is a one of a kind game.
  16. Brazilian on server

    Welcome, Good luck and have fun
  17. Congrats to PRIMAL Winners of W61

    Congratulations to the w61 winners PRIMAL 1. Stenly. Awarded 3000 pp 2. Sir Kash Awarded 2000 pp 3. 2Pacalypse Awarded 1000 pp All the other members of the winning tribe will be awarded 500 pp each. Rocket man, Lord Gourd, MindGames, EndlessHope, bdg1030, arod, Badussy, Swag Johnson, Boola...
  18. Camp Crashing Catapults 2023

    Do you feel the ground shake? Do you see the smoke on the horizon? Can you hear the drums? It has to be thousands! Or so they thought... because it is worse, a lot worse - for them. Because you are now in charge of a mighty catapult and their village will soon be in flames as you, My Lord and My...
  19. Camp Crashing Catapults 2023 feedback

    Please discuss everything with the Camp Crashing Catapults 2023 feedback here.
  20. TW Meaning??

    What does TW mean for you? Does it mean friendship? Relationships? A way to waste time while waiting to do something else? Stress relief? Tell us what TW means to you, Let's start a dialog.