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  1. Feedback.. Inno wants to know!!!

    There's a problem with this stance IMO. Sure, you didn't need to buy storage, but that's not much of a win when you have to spend way more on the game than you would on storage for other games. My laptop has 10 TB of SSD storage, yet people spend 10-20x what I spent on that storage in the...
  2. About settings

    I am. Potentially. I pre-registered anyway, no clue how motivated I will actually be to play for the first time in years.
  3. Add the facility to create market offers that only tribemates and possibly allies could see

    I honestly think this would just make account-pushing worse. You'd be able to put up lop-sided trades without fear of the wrong people accepting them.
  4. When will .US merge into .NET?

    Not sure if serious, but if so:
  5. Gripes and Complaints

    That's what I'm here for.
  6. Gripes and Complaints

    Kawoni's lying. She's never played TW before. /s No, but seriously, all community managers are expected to have a reasonably solid understanding of the game. Innogames did hire office staff with no playing experience as CM's for a while, but it was deemed a poor idea and has since been changed...
  7. Why have you destroyed Tribalwars for us?

    Never seen the term pay to improve, pay for perks however is a common industry term. The game is close to pay-to-win, but not quite there. If players like me pay, we win. If bad players pay, they don't necessarily do so. The perks you can get are huge, but the people that spend a lot can...
  8. w43 Opening soon feedback

    More interested in us44, since us43 looks generic and plain. Not sure what us44 entails, but since it was just launched, but not announced, alongside us43 I am expecting it to open within a week or two of us43 opening, but most likely with a new setting of some sort. This is speculation, but...
  9. Did .US suddenly get smaller?

    I didn't say it had to be a bot, just that if any account was bot farming it would probably be yours. Especially due to the low res per haul. For the record, I am not accusing you of botting, I just interpreted your post as calling out others for botting, and I found it funny since if I was...
  10. Did .US suddenly get smaller?

    24 res per plunder has nothing to do with it being .us 2 Meraxxes STORM 17.681 yesterday 1 Meraxxes STORM 1.317.899 yesterday He's getting 74 res per plunder. The looter/plunder image I posted above was 63 res per plunder. They're both microfarming, but only one is oversaturating their farms.
  11. Did .US suddenly get smaller?

    "We have complete bots". The only account that looks like it might be botting is incidentally yours. And even then, your account looks like a poor mans bot. A very poor mans bot, one that doesn't even know how to properly farm. 1 Fatal Where? 27.326 19.06.2019 3 Fatal Where? 642.921...
  12. How long for server shut down?

    Definitely your tinfoil hat on too tight. To the best of my knowledge Innogames mandated all new worlds have 20:1. It should have been on us35. It was added later on to try and correct the mistake, but by then it was deemed better to just revert to not having it on and to turn it on at the...
  13. How long for server shut down?

    Is that better or worse than having never had them like is the case with you?
  14. How long for server shut down?

    People with troops. I must say, 5 villages before 5k units is super impressive. I've rarely seen such extreme pointwhoring.
  15. W 37/38 Premade - VS ALL

    Don't know if I will have much free time this far in advance, but at least potentially interested.
  16. First Interal Cap On W35 Goes toooooooo....

    I call bullshit. I rimmed that guy July 15th. You had 9 villages already, but you had one for 4 days, one for 4.8 days, one for like 5.1 days, , one for 7.7 days, one for 9.25 days, one for 9.8, one for 9.9, and one that doesn't show up on twstats to determine its age at all, but we'll say was...
  17. Attack ratio activated?

    12 hours is quite speedy when the only person able to fix the problem is asleep for much of that time.
  18. Love, stop being patethic. Give us proofs as we did.

    Public Service Announcement: Unless a tribe has 0 diplomacy it's hugging everyone. Unless that tribe is EX. EX doesn't hug. It is too busy moaning to ever be hugging.
  19. Attack ratio activated?

    That shows the current settings. It does not show that it has been that way since the world began. That page is 100% code-created. Changing any setting will make it automatically show there. It's not something you cite to show that a setting was intended to be on from day 1.
  20. Attack ratio activated?

    This setting is fine, if announced day 1, so you can plan around it. But just randomly springing it on everyone when it wasn't announced is nonsense.