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  1. The Scientist.

    WW3 in Hong Kong

    I don't think this is "good pnp" but its better than what US server normally offers. As for the war itself I will always root for the underdog specially when that underdog is going against Love even if hes teamed up with some friends of mine.
  2. The Scientist.

    Rumors & Accusations

    WICK3D hasn't had a leg to stand on since W23 haha.
  3. The Scientist.

    Packet Support Feature Request

    I think there is ways it can be done to where you still have to "click it once". It can be laid out just like Farm Assist. So you can just click "A, B, C" set up templates of multiple different packages like 500/500, 2500,2500, or C send all. Then you will still have to click through each of...
  4. The Scientist.

    where can you find the complete list of BB-codes In game its in the "help tab" down at the bottom.
  5. The Scientist.

    Why have you destroyed Tribalwars for us?

    I hate this "PP ruined the game" thing. Most of the time PP rushers without farming will falloff the top 25 within a month of nobling. It happens every time. If someone is pp rushing and farming. Chances are they would have out grown you anyways. Me personally, I don't play with a co-player...
  6. The Scientist.

    Did .US suddenly get smaller?

    I personally like it, outside of it "looking small" It puts all the good players fairly close together. If you don't have a "good player" within your 20x20 during start up then you got fairly lucky. On W35 alone I had 5 players within a 8 hour noble walk from me that were all pretty good...
  7. The Scientist.


    Don't worry, Karmil played his part on W35 with the limited time he had. He was still a great tribe mate and is one of the main reasons DT's attack failed on EX early.
  8. The Scientist.

    Thank You

    Thank you to everyone who made this world fun. To all the fights early (COCO, 4horse, DT) to all the players who put up a good fight till the end (even some players still, DMG). Special thanks to EX for listening to me early even when I was not in a duke position, working with me when I was...
  9. The Scientist.

    Small tribes.

    Although I agree with Harvest and think have no outside tribe support would make it harder in end game or even midgame I think it could be a setting that is used during start up/early game. Sending support behind a train is really not that important till about 10-15 villages so maybe no outside...
  10. The Scientist.

    Honorable Mentions

    What you don't understand is bad leadership is what causes players to betray you. There are a very slim margin or players who have played TW and have never betrayed a tribe. Maybe not to the extent Max did and I have said from the beginning I was not a fan of his NAP with DT and had no knowledge...
  11. The Scientist.


    Even after 4horse fell apart, we were not interested in recruiting any 4horse members haha. We made that perfectly clear when 2-3 of them messaged asking for invites. They got the same story we pitched you. We were not interested in recruiting but we have plenty of co-playing spots open.
  12. The Scientist.

    W37 Take Notes

    Winners write the history books, not the losers. Sorry not sorry. #Empire TM
  13. The Scientist.

    W37 Take Notes

    I already got a Trade Mark on The Empire for W35. Sorry not Sorry.
  14. The Scientist.


    Let me correct one thing in your statement RUserious. I never offered you to join our tribe, I offered you a spot to co-play once you were rimmed. I never offered you an invite :)
  15. The Scientist.

    The Empire Strikes Again

    @Donald Trumpet I will give credit where credit is due. So far DMG has been a complete hassle. Largely due to low moral and only having a couple members over there to actually fight. But they have put up a better fight then DT, CT, or XxX. No snipes yet, but stacked a couple and recapped a...
  16. The Scientist.

    The Empire Strikes Again

    Their two have been recaps.
  17. The Scientist.

    Honorable Mentions

    These forums are dead anyways, so I say there should only be one rule. Everyone must stay fully clothed at all times!
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    I however think it would be a wise move for them to make a server with no pp features. Make it like a Master server but with normal settings and no pp features. I think players would buy into that. Instead of having 4-5 worlds going at once. Maybe only do one at a time that way it forces players...
  19. The Scientist.


    They have since day 1. Here and on .net. It changed nothing and has gotten worse. What you don't understand is even if all servers condensed down to 1 server. Sooner or later you will only have players who have only played pp worlds and you won't have people complaining anymore. Inno games...
  20. The Scientist.


    I know, but there have been at least 1 every world even this world no including this thread haha.