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  1. MerlinTheWise

    Hello US Server!

    Welcome I’m new to tw in general looking forward to playing with y’all.
  2. MerlinTheWise


    hey everyone. Just learned of tribal wars and so far I love it. Say hi I don’t bite.
  3. MerlinTheWise

    Scavenging Guide

    Just something little I threw together here on w40. I’m not sure if will be much use to many. Here it is. Defense Villages Each tear below will come out to be around 1,250 each resource and take about 4:08 hours. So take 1,250 x 4 = 5,000 each iron,clay,wood every 4:08 hours. Also the nice...
  4. MerlinTheWise


    It does not make a difference about time zones anyways on mobile. You have a setting you can run the server time as your time zone if that makes any sense.
  5. MerlinTheWise

    Why have you destroyed Tribalwars for us?

    If you want a good world with no pp. it’s starts April 27th on international servers. High performance world.
  6. MerlinTheWise

    Im Here

    Im Here