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  1. Zavhoz-alive

    Closing world

    It's very strange. Show me where it's written in the closing conditions of the world? 21+10? 21+.... ))) I couldn't find it in the rules
  2. Zavhoz-alive

    Settings for US26

    Kawoni, thank you for your attention. No no, not the script, just the labeling feature that is included with a premium account. Ok! I will try later to do a support ticket with a screen
  3. Zavhoz-alive

    Settings for US26

    New update in the game. Now, when you do request for support, are not automatically specified unit. That is, the generated text does not refer to noble, ram, etc. This is very uncomfortable. If I place such a request on the internal forum in the game, nobody can understand, even if I signed...
  4. Zavhoz-alive

    The End

    This is the first union in my eyes, that was durable. Thank you for being faithful to the words. It is a rarity
  5. Zavhoz-alive

    Congratulations to D+B, US17 winners

    Thank you :)