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  1. w44

    Hello, I'm writing this post in hopes to reach someone who can possibly help with our wishes for w44. Kawoni, I don't know how much you can do about it, but we would appreciate any kind of help. w44 is shaping up to be a great world, many premades being made for it. That was supposed to be w42...
  2. The beginning

    Yo yo party peopleeee :D Since no threads were created here yet, I'm opening one up, just to see what people think so far. Before someone points it out - I know I'm just pp farming this world, but I still want to see other peoples thoughts. I know very little people on .us servers because the...
  3. Dead externals

    Damn the externals on here are dead.. Anyway, I hear Fluffy has a new co that came to win his first ever .us world :D