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    Inside view of Map changes and why..

    I understand this response and it makes sense. This is appreciated. I also believe some individuals are making scripts to offer old map graphics to those who prefer them as well. If we could promote these scripts and ensure they're approved and given as alternate option so that script makers...
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    Changelog 8.210 reply thread

    Since the reply thread doesn't allow us to post for some reason... As a Tribal Wars veteran I am not especially happy :(:( Please re-allow CLASSIC, classic map graphics. Not these classic graphics that make me feel like I'm tripping on LSD...o_O
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    Decommission of Nobles

    It mentions in last change-log that there should be decommissioning of nobles. Any reason this hasn;t been added yet :(?
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    World 50 Settings Suggestion

    Tribe limit can change however. Really depends what everyone wants there as tribe limit won't affect too much of the experience for a new player. However the lower it gets, the more "Exclusive" a tribe might seem and you don't want too small of a tribe limit. Outside support is a blessing...
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    World 50 Settings Suggestion

    Here are the settings that I suggest for World 50. These are not my own idealized settings and do not cater specifically towards myself. These settings are a compilation of what I believe are in the best interest of the community and for the longevity of the game. These settings should be...
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    Request for a Classic 2 World

    I know this is a stretch, and I believe in most circumstances it would be considered rude/ill-advised to ask for an additional world while a complimentary world has been released... But the settings mentioned were completely incorrect. Many players have already spoken of "Classic 2" as a...
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    A New (temporary) Classic opens Thursday 9th April

    Dase... I regret to inform you that although the revealed settings said "Morale is inactive" morale is very much active this world. In other words, most of the settings on this world were actually incorrect as stated.
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    Anvil of the Mercenary King Event - Guide

    This event has been a fan favorite (And event of controversy) among many member of the tribal wars community. Luckily for those who dislike RNG, Innogames has removed the problematic issue of individual materials having their own premium costs: Now on to purchase STRATEGY What to buy from...
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    A New (temporary) Classic opens Thursday 9th April

    15:5 ratio so .2 barbs per player. This number isn't so bad. On US45 it's 5:5 ratio which is .1 barbs per player. Certainly not a lot of barbs or the standard for a classic world, but still a fair ratio for a normal world.
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    A New (temporary) Classic opens Thursday 9th April

    Is scavenging confirmed for this?
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    A New (temporary) Classic opens Thursday 9th April

    Settings also don't mention that scavenging is enabled - But it enabled based on the xml settings. Can you confirm.
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    A New (temporary) Classic opens Thursday 9th April

    Since this world is so fast - players being attacked can just demolish and go from 100% morale to (You cannot attack this player). 30 days on a speed 3 world is an insane amount of time for ratio protection.
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    A New (temporary) Classic opens Thursday 9th April

    I meant disabled. What's point in making players untargetable and also have no morale.
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    A New (temporary) Classic opens Thursday 9th April

    I would only consider this world if ratio protection is removed. Ratio protection does not belong in a classic world.
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    w46 opening feedback

    I think 1 church every 3 worlds is a good compromise for most players so I think it's fair in world 46. What I'm afraid of though is No Outside Support + Church. That is a major issue in church worlds and both should not be connected. I think also for the sanity of players who enjoy farming...
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    Barricade Battle Event Guide

    Felt like torturing myself a bit more. Here is the total amount of average troops necessary to complete each Barricade a 2nd time. This includes the average ducats per troops expended as well. While the enemy's troops increase by 50%, you will actually have to spend ~59% more troops in the...
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    Barricade Battle Event Guide

    If you are wondering how I calculated the units to attack in each of the fights from the big spreadsheet estimating battle between User & Barricades... I attacked with 1 Nobleman (30 General Attack) per 1 Light Cavalry (30 General Defense) and added 2 Spears attacking to combat "Village Base...
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    Barricade Battle Event Guide

    Apologies for the delay on this guide. This event is a bunch of chaos mixed with various factors that change the way you should play. Let me start off by saying this event is actually much more Free-To-Play friendly than most events that TW happens to offer. Here's why: 1. You are awarded...
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    Casual World 5?

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    Fake Train Guide/Noble train Guide/Spaced-Snipe Guide Example of sniping with this chrome extension When you widen the gap past 100 MS, it seems it won't consistently hit the same MS every time, so I suggest setting the gap low if you're going for noble train, but sniping you can widen it to whatever you'd like