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    Changelog 8.210 reply thread

    Since the reply thread doesn't allow us to post for some reason... As a Tribal Wars veteran I am not especially happy :(:( Please re-allow CLASSIC, classic map graphics. Not these classic graphics that make me feel like I'm tripping on LSD...o_O
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    Decommission of Nobles

    It mentions in last change-log that there should be decommissioning of nobles. Any reason this hasn;t been added yet :(?
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    World 50 Settings Suggestion

    Here are the settings that I suggest for World 50. These are not my own idealized settings and do not cater specifically towards myself. These settings are a compilation of what I believe are in the best interest of the community and for the longevity of the game. These settings should be...
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    Request for a Classic 2 World

    I know this is a stretch, and I believe in most circumstances it would be considered rude/ill-advised to ask for an additional world while a complimentary world has been released... But the settings mentioned were completely incorrect. Many players have already spoken of "Classic 2" as a...
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    Anvil of the Mercenary King Event - Guide

    This event has been a fan favorite (And event of controversy) among many member of the tribal wars community. Luckily for those who dislike RNG, Innogames has removed the problematic issue of individual materials having their own premium costs: Now on to purchase STRATEGY What to buy from...
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    Barricade Battle Event Guide

    Apologies for the delay on this guide. This event is a bunch of chaos mixed with various factors that change the way you should play. Let me start off by saying this event is actually much more Free-To-Play friendly than most events that TW happens to offer. Here's why: 1. You are awarded...
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    Fake Train Guide/Noble train Guide/Spaced-Snipe Guide

    If you don't know how to send 4 attacks 100 MS apart, then you've come to the right place. No longer do you have to have "Opera" or know the word T-Train because there is now a chrome extension that helps you do this ALL YOURSELF. The Extension is Extension and is approved on the Tribalwars...
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    First Concern TW now implemented new system for premium exchange. Every 60 seconds at the 52 second mark, Tribalwars will add 15 of each resource to the market. Maybe this number will increase soon.... Still very concerning and another addition to the premium BS we experience...
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    Delayed Support Removal Request

    Since I'm technically not allowed on the .net externals, I thought I'd post this here. I'd appreciate if Kawoni can forward this to some higher-up individuals and/or completely prevent this update from reaching the servers. Hopefully you enjoy the read...
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    forum update suggestions

    1. Can you separate pinned posts from the normal posts like previous forums? It's weird because a new post doesn't look new or easy to distinguish at all since the pinned posts will always be at top and with the new forum it is very difficult to distinguish the difference. 2. Can you bring back...
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    Seas of Fortune Event Guide

    This event is probably one of the lower tier events that Tribalwars has offered and is surprising in that it doesn't seem to rewards premium players similar to what other events offer. Events are generally designed in Tribalwars' best interest in accruing revenue but my assumption is that...
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    The Elusive Premium Exchange Resource Drops (Dominate the Market!)

    This one was inspired by a player who thought our .US tribe what cheating because they saw 2500 of each resource on the market at once and thought we were having alternate accounts drop resources for us. I must make it clear that I know most pro players will understand this guide/informative...
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    Earn 1,000 Premium Points Per Day With Low Effort!

    Had a player ask me ingame an easy way to farm premium, so here's this guide! If you already have 500-1,000 premium points, it would help a lot to buy resources to give you a head start. However, if you don't have premium points, you can still do this, it will just take longer! What you need...
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    Scavenging Guide - In Depth Series

    It's been 2 years since I had posted this guide on the .net forum so I thought I might post it here for players to see. This guide explains how to be use the early game scavenging to your advantage and what numbers produce the most optimal results. So... Let's start this off by explaining...
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    Correct me if I'm wrong -- The slow death of Tribalwars

    We've kept on progressing throughout this game, with a slowly declining playerbase, people quitting, and veterans blaming the staff for the lack of interest generated in this game.... But who's to blame but ourselves? I surveyed a few people on this issue today and I've heard both sides of the...
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    No Limit

    I'm impressed with No Limit. Never seen a player with all 3 OD categories at rank 1. Interesting to see how he turned around us31 from world 29 :p
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    Banter Thread #2

    Put all banter in here please. Don't want the forum mod crazy people banning my other thread so if you want to hate others on a thread, please leave banter or aggressive posts here.
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    Win 1000 Premium - *Last One to Post Competition*

    WIN 1,000 PREMIUM POINTS This contest is going to be simple and be part one of my restructuring plan to liven up the World 32 .us forums Rules to win: 1) Post here, include on-topic conversation with regard to US32 2) No double-posting 3) No spam 4) If you are the last person to post and 24...
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    This World

    I heard from several sources that this will be one of the most competitive worlds on .us I heard that the best players from the last 10 worlds will be here... So I have 1 question...
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    Possible W32 Premade - Learn

    May be making a premade for world 32 depending on the responses and interest generated from those in the community Here's my initial BS writing just cuz I want to introduce myself, and set my goals: What I'm looking for: 10 good players 10 nooby players that we can carry this world, teach the...