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  1. Caesar Augustus

    Gripes and Complaints

    It's quiet... Too quiet.
  2. Caesar Augustus

    Rumors & Accusations

    Ratede is allied with every tribe on w37 just to succeed in taking 2 villages?
  3. Caesar Augustus

    Rumors & Accusations

    Boost is already allied with uc.
  4. Caesar Augustus

    Rumors & Accusations

    Any random world news?
  5. Caesar Augustus

    Outrageous Accusations

    Anything goes. The more outrageous the better.
  6. Caesar Augustus

    Rumors & Speculations

    Anything interesting going on?
  7. Caesar Augustus

    Tribes to Watch

    Any tribes worth watching?
  8. Caesar Augustus

    Wild accusations & baseless speculations

    Narnbarnflye is a bit hugging pos
  9. Caesar Augustus

    Tribes to Watch

    My mistake... nothing worth watching.
  10. Caesar Augustus

    Players I will kill

    This is a list of players I will kill. Pray u do not find yourself here.
  11. Caesar Augustus

    War: Warlords vs escr

    So far warlords have been beating hell out of escr. Great work, warlords!
  12. Caesar Augustus

    wild accusations & baseless speculations

    Anyone got any?
  13. Caesar Augustus

    Tribes to watch

    Any tribes out there worth their points?
  14. Caesar Augustus

    Tribes to Watch

    Any tribes worth their salt on world 17?
  15. Caesar Augustus

    Flat out lies

    You are NOT the father!
  16. Caesar Augustus

    Wild accusations & baseless speculation

    Tribes will war. Alliances are non-binding & subject to change. News flash, nobody cares. We all come to look at the maps (thanks earl). If you want to engage in conversation, start a conversation worth engaging in. For starters: if you are not playing on 15, stop posting on the forum for 15. If...
  17. Caesar Augustus

    Map icons

    When a village is selected from the map several icons appear. What is the star icon?