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  1. Stiglette

    Mentor Abuse

    It has come to my attention that some Mentors are using their apprentices to gain access to buildings and to get troop counts from them. To be up front, this is not cool and totally spineless behavior. If you are a mentor you have a responsibility to help and encourage your apprentice to do...
  2. Stiglette

    Caption #1 3-2018

    999 is still Green.
  3. Stiglette

    Banter Thread #2

    Yeah, I only have one thing left to say.
  4. Stiglette

    Um hum...

    Um hum...
  5. Stiglette

    Poll to end world sooner.

    Please end it! <3 Mad Penguin
  6. Stiglette

    W25 NewsLetter: Opening Days

    I'm sorry to see ze go myself, but I'm still here! Warmonster is joining me, so let's move on. ^_~
  7. Stiglette

    Settings for US26

    Speed 1.5 Unit speed 1.2 Beginner protection 3 days Militia Yes Barbarians grow to 2000 points Tribe limit 30 No church Simple tech Paladin Yes with the NEW system No fake limit No morale,or just time based morale,not points based Reduced coin cost Attack gap 100 ms Support outside the tribe...
  8. Stiglette

    Things are about to get real interesting...

    Things are about to get real interesting...