24 hour event offer


What you all think about this bullshit ass 24 hour event offer that is not offered to everyone? How fair is that ? I'm not saying that everyone should be buying or will be buying but everyone should have opportunity to buy to make it fair if they want to. They want to ban people for some village names but allow this type of cheating. It's amazing to me and we all know this that INNO is all about money but how the they missed this ? being fair I guess, the INNO gods they are losing money on this.


This event (like most tied to pp) only activate on the first world you log into (which is moronic) unfortunately. Unless you didn't even get it on another world in which case, idfk.


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As said above, the event is activated only on 1 world for each player. If you want to have the offer on another world you can contact the support until your offer runs out and you will be able to buy what you want on the world you received the offer and the support team will transfer them to the world you need them. But before buying, ask them if that's ok so you don't waste your money, that's the answer they gave me a couple of years ago. I still don't understand why they don't just activate it on all worlds for people who play multiple worlds, that sucks.