A comeback tour.


Hi guys, I'm Mashman. Not new per say, but haven't played in a couple years either.

My original world here was US1, where I ended up being involved in the winning tribe.

I've just recently decided to try getting back into the game after boredom and a crowded real life schedule forced me out a few years back. Probably not ready in time for world 17, but i'll be trying out the next one probably.

Real life: my name is Warren (although I usually go by Chris around these parts), I'm 19 and I go to college in Boston, Massachusetts. I love playing ultimate as much as possible, but I'm pumped to return to the interwebs and re learn this game.

skype: warrenecutler

Looking forward to meeting new faces and perhaps bumping into a couple old ones.
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Welcome back... You will find some things have changed a bit but still the same fun.... Good luck and enjoy..:noblemen: