A Message to a Coward


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Ladies and gentlement, I'd like to draw your attention to a coward. A man who throws personal insults, and then hides behind his tribe. Here is what he said to me:

orcrist Oct 21,2013 07:35 as far as your concerned sweeney, I will help kill you off. there will be no 1v1 with KK. your a loser who barb's/internals with NO skill. i have no respect for you and ive lost vills. there for when we come for you... youll die like every other world ive started and won. your worse then any noob on this game. complain about stuff but do nothing to help. well my men will help themselves to your vills. injoy your next world noob John

He then blocked me, I am not sure why. So I had to go through AA to message him a reply:

Sweeney Oct 21,2013 07:44 Need you to forward this to [player]orcist[/player] for me if you would:
Pfft, you can KK take me 2v1 then - let's see if you can put your money where your mouth as, so to speak. I doubt you'll accept though, you're far too much of a coward.
Sweeney Oct 21,2013 07:44 [player]orcrist[/player]* Avenging Archangel Oct 21,2013 09:22 sent Avenging Archangel Oct 21,2013 09:53 orcrist today at 09:29 saybto sween . off and bye bye :D

As you can see, I offered to fight him. I offered a 2v1 (he and KingKrak vs. me). However, he did not accept it.

If I really am "a loser who barb's/internals with NO skill" then riddle me this:

Why do I have 300,000 more points than you?

Why do I have 2,500,000 more ODA than you?

Why do I have 550,000 more ODD than you?

Not only that - if I am "worse then any noob on this game", why won't you fight me yourself? I offered KK's help. Yet you do not accept. You are a pathetic excuse for a player, and I will relish our moments together on the battlefield.

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Sween even if you two wanted to fight 2v1 it wont be... Sorry to hear that lol :p


Based on the messages you quoted, you lost the argument, and now you are publicly humiliating yourself on the forum.
It is, after all, "Tribal" wars. Why should his mates not help?


Sweeney I know there are issues between you guys but in that case why contact them at all?

At the end of the day +/- chose to drop the nap. That's fair enough although doing so by launching large numbers of attacks is less so. I'm not sure what you expected to happen but I can see no scenario in which it wouldn't make you a major target. You also chose to start a conflict when you already had friction with AP.


Royal Guardian W17
TheDog, there was no argument - so I am not sure why you telling me that I lost it. :|
Also, I have no problem with his tribemates helping. It's just amusing that he seems to reguard me as such a bad player yet he won't face me.

Kero, this thread isn't about +/- or AP (which, for the record, backstabbed me for no apparent reason). Of course I knew I'd be a major target - it's what I wanted, to fight!
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Sweeney, you probably shouldn't bother talking to the guy. I've had discussions with you that were very amicable, especially considering what was going on. I can't understand why people like that are so insulting in this game. It really is just a game.

For the record, we thought +/- was going to attack us due to them constantly ignoring NAP's in the past. You and kingoftheroad got the worst of it so far, but that was mainly due to location.


yikes, didnt know drama could be this much fun even if im not the one making it ;)

- kingkrak


dont worry sweeney i picked up an account in their tribe and ill just send all the support to you :)
i got your back. its already almost 100% defense (puke)


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Thedog, he doesn't humiliate himself. He humiliates orcrist. He is in my opinion an ass kicker who get e courage to talk only after you can't hurt him anymore.

And I'm in the same tribe with him in w11 and 13..:D.Sweeney,you gotta get over it. Relax and enjoy w13,the first world without hugging(so far).

Cheers w10 guys.


Ice please go to another world... Last thing I want is this world to last 5 years because you get an account here


Matster222 why would you do this to me? I played w6 with you guys lol (tnevarez)


Just having some fun my man :p Ice makes stuff interesting...and annoying haha