A New World Setting: Daily Limit on Building Hours Queued


Just like speed worlds, I think there could be a new "limited" world type that would be just like a normal world but with a limit on how many hours a building queue will be allowed to run everyday (each village timer is individual). And village building times, not troop building times, would be at 200-400%.

You would be able to queue any buildings you wanted, for any number of hours, but then the timer would only run for 6-8 hours a day before simply pausing until you get more hours. You would have to wait until the next server day and then get another 6-8 hours.

If you DONT use all your time only 85-95% of what remains will be added to that village's saved time, which can accumulate infinitely. This would encourage people to always use their 8 hours so they dont lose some of it, but not overly penalize those who cant. Daily time would always be used before accumulated time.

A nobled village's accumulated time would be automatically reset to 0 and the daily time would be set to 8 hours. Every player will have a separate timer for each village so something like this cant happen.
- Player1 runs out of daily and accumulated time
- Player2 nobles village, this resetting daily timer to 8
- Player1 renobles village back, and now has 8 hours again within the same day
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To add to the idea, HQ and wall would be free time that doesnt count toward the timer at all in case of constant attack


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Thank you for the suggestion it will be passed on.