Active account requires another co player


Hey there,

I am looking for 2 coplayers to share times between 8 and 19st
I have players covering those times now but will eventually be moving on, hence the need to find replacements.

My back ground:
I am a Vet, I have been ranked one on many different worlds and have played with some of the best players TW has been privileged to have. I have been apart of or lead some of the best tribes on multiple servers (.net/UK/US/Speed)
My last world was on W7 where I lead and Won the World.

I won't tell you much information on forums however the account is:
send me a message

Looking for coplayers who will contribute with farming, coordinating attacks, snipes, backtimes, 150ms trains, timing nukes, etc etc., the whole nine yards.
I can also take on someone a bit inexperience who want to learn the tricks to this game.
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