Anvil of the Mercenary King 2021


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Come at once! Our scouts have uncovered peculiar anvil, larger than any we have ever seen. It bears engravings that belonged to a Mercenary King who hailed from the badlands in a previous age.

If our smiths are correct, the anvil can withstand extreme temperatures and produce wares of untold power. Bring crafting materials so we may unlock its potential!

Dear players,
once again, we want to welcome all of you to the forge! In "The Anvil of the Mercenary King" you will gather and combine metals to craft powerful items. But to make it a little bit challenging you will not know which combination of materials will result in which item!

To lend you a hand in this task we have provided a recipe book to you, which will automatically log all recipes you uncover during the event. For some more tips on how to succeed, please read the instructions below:

The base resource for this event are seven different event-specific materials:
  • Lead
  • Tin
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
Lead, tin, copper and steel are fairly common, while bronze, silver and gold are slightly rarer to find.
While there are several ways to get new materials, but the main way is by performing at least on of the following actions:
  • Recruit troops
  • Construct or upgrade buildings
  • Mint coins
  • Accept trade offers
  • Attack villages
  • Defend villages
Each action has a chance to give you one free, random material. This way you can receive up to eight materials per day.
On the event screen you will see an overview on how many of the free materials you have already received.
Additional ways to receive materials are to complete the event quests and partake in the daily rankings.

The Anvil
To craft an item, simply place three materials on the anvil and craft them. The crafted item will be placed into your inventory and the recipe added to your recipe book.
Please note that every recipe will craft an item, there are no recipes which do not yield a result. This means that there are a few items, which may have more than one recipe to craft them.
Also, the required recipes are different for each player! But it will always be that case that using rarer materials (bronze, silver and gold) will result in more valuable items.
Your recipe book will also allow you to filter for specific materials and, if you have all required materials, craft the desired item directly from the recipe book.

Event Details
The event will start on April 7, 2021 at 14:00 and will run until April 21, 2021 14:00. Please note that it might take a few minutes until the event shows up for every player.

Once the event has ended the event itself, all recipes and all left-over materials will be removed; they do not carry over into the next time the event is running. All items which you have crafted during the event and not used will of course remain in your inventory.

We hope you enjoy our new event! Since it is a brand new event we are very much looking forward to your feedback, which you can provide in this thread. Thank you!

- The Tribal Wars Team