Applying for tribe (world start 48)


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My name is Trekdom. I am new again.
I am looking for a tribe to start world 48 with on day one.

My recorded history is with world 47 where as of this time have 4 villages. I started late on the rim.
In the past my unrecorded history was 15 or more years ago.
I will be loyal a tribe and will follow orders to protect and to wage war.
I play often everyday. I was able to land snipes on world 47 inside of the 2ml second train.
I work best under pressure and desire leadership. I am new again.

Please if you have a tribe or know of a tribe, I would like to join.
Thank you Trekdom

Edit. I have found a great team.
I wish everyone luck in finding their own tribe.
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Congrats on finding a tribe. Often, i find it best to wait a week. I might make my own tribe, but ultimately i will be tribeless for awhile.