Archer world suggestion (new troops)

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Here are some thoughts...what do you all think?
As you probably know, on archer worlds there is not much use for mounted archers, and generally there are less than 500 in any attack. My suggestion is that we take archers from the barracks and make them into two separate units-short bow and long bow. The long bows would be defensive and the short bows would be the offensive unit. Each would cost one population, but this would add a dimension for offensive builds and in response, defensive builds. I don't think the offensive aspect of archers is totally being optimized in the current system.
The other way I was thinking was instead of using the barracks for the archer type units, create the "Archery Range" building, and place short, long and mounted archers in there. Then like the stable, you can change pop costs per unit.


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Thank you for the suggestions and we will pass them onto the Devs.


I have thought about it a little more, and basically, it doesn't matter if there are multiple offensive archer units (MA and Short Bows) but just that it is possible to recruit more "archer" firepower in offensive battles. Just more or less remaking an axeman, but in the archer form so it would require archer defense from the defender. This would essentially make the worlds more offensive heavy, and tailor to a faster pace of play regardless of world speed