Attack Planner Redesign 4-16-2021


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Attack Planner Redesign

Hello, brave adventurers, lords, and ladies!

On this beautiful day in the Spring of 2021, we are excited to announce something our Developers have been working on for a while now:

A Redesign of the Attack Planner!
The current Attack Planner is cumbersome to use and because of that, the community asked for a redesign.
As the development is still ongoing, it is still possible to introduce little tweaks and changes to it. We want to create the best experience possible for all of you, so we humbly ask for your feedback on this article.

Design Changes

The new attack planner will be split into 3 key sections and will be accessed the same way as the current Attack Planner. These three sections are the map, the order list, and the order assignment form, and they will be displayed once the player checks the "open attack planner" key on the Map page. This ensures a clean slate for every section of the tool and allows users access without confusion.

The first new key section is:

The Map

The Map allows the player to select village targets directly from the map. Clicking on a village will insert their coordinates into the order assignment form, and remove them from the order form if clicked a second time. It will display a unique icon on villages that are referenced in an assigned order - one icon for Attacks, one icon for Fakes, and one icon for Support. These icons will be unique to the Attack Planner to avoid confusion (temporary icons have been used for the sake of illustration.

The Order List

The second key section of the new Attack Planner is the Order List. The order list displays orders that players have assigned to their tribemates. The orders will display in chronological order, from newest to oldest. The name, type, targets, attack time, assigned players, and assigned troop counts of an order will be listed. Players can edit orders by pressing the edit button shown in the top right corner. As the assigned players complete the order, a tick will appear next to their name, confirming that they have sent the troops listed to the targets listed. We may want to consider making this dependant on the player's privacy/share settings.

To give commands, there's a separate section.

Assigned orders will appear for players in their rally point, allowing them to quickly see what attacks they need to be sending, and when. Players simply need to click on a village listed in order, and it will fill in the command form the required troops and target the correct village. From there, they can complete the attack as normal. Players can fulfill orders from any of their villages.

As long as the player sends the right troops, the order does not care if the attacks or support comes from different villages. When an order is fulfilled, a tick will appear next to its name, allowing them to see they have completed the order. X hours after the Launch Time listed on the order, it will be automatically deleted from a player's rally point.

The Order Assignment Form

The third and last key section is the Order Assignment Form. Players can assign orders to players in their tribe from the order assignment form. They can name their orders, but by default, they will be automatically named in numerical order (so their first assigned order will be automatically named Order #1). It will be possible to manually add village coordinates to order, or they can click villages on the map to add them to the order. Players can specify the exact types and amounts of troops needed in an attack, support, or fake. If the player doesn't specify an amount for a troop type, it will be excluded from the order automatically.

Due to the fact that players are assigning attacks to other players, whose villages they cannot specify, players can only set the time the attack is due to arrive - the players who are assigned the order will be shown the required launch time for their attacks when they few their orders from the rally point. Players can select tribemates from a list and use the search functionality to find specific tribemate.
Once assigned, orders will appear in the order list in the attack planner and in the rally point of assigned players. As on the rally point, orders will be cleared X hours after the specified arrival time.

Players will be limited to up to target 50 villages in one order, but the number of orders is not limited. This cap is due to technical limitations and may be raised during Beta and/or while the feature is live and there is enough data for us on how much strain it puts onto the game servers. Also, the cap is to prevent inflating the order list with an overwhelming amount of villages to attack, but we will wait for feedback on that.

Your Opinion?

As we want the Attack Planner to be used by as many of you as possible, the redesign tackles the entire Attack Planner and changes it drastically. Because of this, we'd like to have your feedback on it! If you do have any questions, please let us know in the feedback thread.
We want all of you to find it useful and if there is anything we can do to improve it, we will try to tackle it. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

The Tribal Wars Team