Battle Report Enhancer


Did you rename the reports using the BRE? This must be done to see extra information.


Ahh, guess I missed that. See how it works now, but for some reason it's not holding display options (it was when I first tried it).

The resources listed are what was scouted correct? Not haul info? Thats what I was really looking for, just a way to display what the attack hauled in the folder view (this is for farming runs obviously). Actually, my ideal would be to display the following additional info:

troops sent (configurable columns for which troops would be ideal)
haul numbers
attack village link (just axe icon)
attack with same troops link (just axe icon)

I might take a look at your code and see if I can figure it out. Assuming the only way the display works is by renaming with the info in the title.