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Well, it's always difficult to talk about oneself, but I believe it's interesting to introduce myself to this community that has welcomed me so well.

I am a veteran player of Tribal Wars from the Brazilian server. My first contact with the game was in BR 04 when I was around 11 or 12 years old. From there, I played in a few worlds but without much expertise.

As Tribal Wars consumes a considerable amount of time, I ended up distancing myself from any serious gaming for many years, but I would appear in one or another world when the nostalgia hit. After graduating from university, I resumed playing the game more consistently, where I made great friendships and experienced various situations with them, happy, sad, ecstatic, frustrating, and so on.

I enjoy incorporating into my gameplay the knowledge I have acquired outside of the game, such as teachings from books and things I have learned in my academic and professional journey.

I came to play on this server somewhat by chance. I was somewhat tired of the Brazilian server as it demands a level of commitment that I was not willing to offer, in addition to the excessive use of premium points by players, although I believe this is not a specific problem there.

Right from the start, in the first world I joined (US 63), I made some friends. The community, in general, is very friendly in contrast to what I was accustomed to in the Brazilian server, where competitiveness exceeded acceptable levels.

I hope to contribute to the development of this amazing game's community and may we have great battles on the battlefield!

Wishing everyone an excellent game!