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The Castle Assault Event is pretty fun for F2P users, however for big spenders this event usually comes at a disadvantage to most as it relies on a whole group to complete and spending can become extremely costly.

Item in this event are also quite amazing and not often found in other events:

I'm not going to specifically advise you to buy those items, but if you're in a lategame scenario where you already have a bunch of warehouse % and just need extra variety, these are some items that you don't want to miss out on....

Attack and Defense Boosters are Day 9 Daily Bonus Items, and are offered here cheaper than even warehouse 10%'s which is quite amazing.

Items most players are going to be looking for In These Events:

In the Castle Assault event (Usually 14 Days) you can expect to usually reach ~rank 3-5 if you're an active player and not a heavy premium spender.

This is because groups consist of 50 players and are spread out by PLAYER RANKING, not tribe or randomization. You keep your group for the entirety of the event o_O

Dependent on how good your group is, you could probably complete around 7 castles on average?

This would mean you would go through about 25 Naval Supplies, 15 Bombardments and 15 Assaults. (Will see how it goes throughout this event)

If you were to average even rank 3 on each one, you'd be hitting 334 medals each time and would probably be able to get around 15,000 medals through raiding alone.

If you add the castles falling, you could probably get another 5,000 - 10,000 medals on top of that.

With high activity and a decently average group, I'd say to expect 20,000 medals on this event. However, if you're consistently missing completions of any participation in Naval Supply, Bombardment or Assault, your numbers will staggeringly drop.

Additionally, this event awards some extremely coveted tribe bonuses

At 1,875 * Tribe Member Limit, you will receive a 10% recruitment buff for 48 hours

At 3,750 * Tribe Member Limit, you will receive a 10% noble decreased cost for 48 hours.

At 7,500 * Tribe Member Limit, you will receive 10% Increased Resource Production for 48 hours.

The 10% decreased noble cost bonus stacks with noble decree and flag doublers! If you have black coin flags, you can mint coins for 8960 Wood, 9600 Clay, and 8000 Iron with all buffs stacked (Very Important for coin grinds)

If you are being strategic, you'll want to try and have this buff line up for when you're ready to mint, so maybe coordinate with tribe to not grind too hard early, otherwise you'll get that buff too quickly.

Now for a little premium spending data for any whales out there :cool: (I am also not confirmed if assault or bombardment will trigger first, so numbers may be slightly skewed until we can get an admin confirmation)

Hope this can come to help you for both F2P and P2P players. Also if you see a player's growth go insane, maybe these charts will help put it into perspective how much they spent.

-Steve/Report/The Guide