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    Update to version 8.150

    Dear Community,
    Our new update to version 8.150 will be released on Tuesday, December 4.
    Among other changes this version brings changes to our endgames, automating player rewards and achievements when a world ends.

    Changes and Improvements

    Endgame changes
    From version 8.150 onward the tribes will be locked and rankings frozen as soon as the winning condition is reached. The top players and tribe will be automatically awarded with Premium Points and the respective badges/achievements. To allow for this change to happen the endgame peace time will be removed from the Domination winning condition. Worlds which are currently in peace will be closed when the new update is applied.

    Quest Text Improvements
    We reworked several quest texts, making it clearer what the goal of the quest is and how it can be achieved.

    Loot Assistant Visibility
    As new players had problems finding the Loot Assistant made sure it is clearly indicated in the tutorial. Additionally the Loot Assistant button now has a glowing effect hovering effect as well as a tool-tip.


    If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so in this thread/below this announcement.

    The Tribal Wars Team
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.