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Update to version 8.231

Hey everyone,

Our next update will be released on Tuesday 1-12-2021, and with it, we'll be releasing some community changes!

Outside support changes

In response to requests from the community, on worlds where support outside of your tribe is disabled, you're currently unable to send supports to villages not owned by your tribe. With this change, we're adding a new setting to world's support settings, which allows for variety in the behavior of support on these worlds.

  • With the 'sending' setting, the previous behavior applies, and you will not be allowed to send support to non-tribe members.
  • With the 'arrival' setting, you will be able to send support to non-tribe members, with some conditions:
    • Players are allowed to send outside support to villages, with a warning stating the troops will automatically be returned if sent to a non player/tribe owned village.
    • Troops sent to villages not owned by a player/tribe will return upon arrival immediately automatically if the village is still not owned by the tribe on arrival.
We're expecting this new setting will add greater strategic depth to the worlds with outside support disabled! Note that worlds where this setting is currently activated will remain unchanged.

Tribe only marketplace listings

Currently, it's possible to filter offers in the marketplace, showing only offers from members of your Tribe. With this change, we allow the person listing the offer to specify it is only available for tribe mates, making for a much more convenient way to trade resources with only your tribe!

Withdraw troops from village info

Another community request! Currently, it is possible to withdraw troops supporting other villages in specific quantities from the Rally Point, instead of having to withdraw all troops. With this new change, we're making it so you can also choose to withdraw specific troop quantities supporting other villages from the village info screen.

New & Recently updated section in tribe forums

When you get a notification for a new forum message, currently your forums simply open on the main page, meaning you must manually navigate to the posts. With this change, we've added a 'new forum posts' section to the forums, which shows displays the newest replies to threads. This setting can be disabled by the tribe aristocracy if they decide they don't want this enabled for their tribe.


If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so in this thread.

Kind regards,

Your Tribal Wars Team
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