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Update to version 8.250

Hey everyone,

Our next update will be released on July 20th, 2021, and with it, we'll be releasing a couple of things, but the biggest one is the rework of the Attack Planner!
A while ago, we announced that this has been in development and we a proud to say that this development is now completed! In the next thread you will hear all about it.


Next to the Attack Planner, we have a couple of bug fixes for you.

  • First, we want to say sorry for this one in case you have been affected, but our new Quest System did create an issue where players weren't able to start on the new worlds right away. This is now fixed and we hope you can forgive that one.
  • An issue was fixed that created inactive links in the reports about received support.
  • An issue with pre-registrations on worlds was fixed.
  • An issue that created an error with the tech level system has been fixed.
  • An issue with our Horse Lords event not showing the highest daily rank correctly in the event summary has been fixed.
  • An issue with cancelling commands causing an error has been fixed.

If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so over HERE..

Kind regards,

Your Tribal Wars Team


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Hello, brave adventurers, lords, and ladies!
A while ago, we announced that our Developers are currently working on a redesign of the Attack Planner feature - one of those features that have been outsourced to external pages for years. We are happy to announce that the development is now complete and is coming to all markets in version 8.250 that will be release on 7-20-2021!

A Redesign of the Attack Planner!

The current Attack Planner is, mildly put, bad.
After months of development and after asking you, our community, what they would like to have for the new Attack Planner, we are now in a state of being happy with the result.

The new attack Planner will be split into 3 key sections and will be accessed the same way as the current Attack Planner. These three sections are the map, the order list, and the rally point overview.

The Map

To access the Attack Planner, first, you need a Premium Account.
Once you have an active premium membership, the next time you visit the Map screen, you will notice a new check box under display options that reads "Show Attack Planner".

By clicking this box, you will see a new section underneath the map. To create a new Attack order, simply click on the button ‘Create a new Attack order’ – very self-explanatory.
After naming your order e. g. IeatNoobz, you now can either type in coordinates manually, or even more simply, just select a village directly from the map by clicking it once, which inserts the coordinates for you. Clicking it again will unselect it. You can select up to 50 villages every for individual order and the amount of orders you can create is unlimited.

Then, select the Arrival time for your order to tell your Tribe when to send out the order from their end.
You can also repeat the order up to 10 times automatically by ticking the checkbox underneath.
Now, you can select if your order is an Attack, a Fake, or a Support.

Then, you can select the units for this Order that shall be sent out to conquer your foe.
The last step is to choose the players that will receive your orders. You either can select a single player individually or a group of players all at once.

Then, click ‘Create Order’ and your commands will be relayed to your loyal tribemates. This concludes how to send out an Attack Order. Let us now move onto the next step, which is…

The Order List

The Orders that you create will be sorted into a list. By clicking a created Order, you will be able to review it again. It will show you the villages you selected, as well as the number of Orders, expected Arrival time, Order type, Troops, and the players you selected to carry out the order.
It is also possible to edit the order at any given point, delete - or even export it in plain text.


The last step is from the point of view of the selected players and is called…

The Rally Point Overview

Everyone knows the Rally Point, but as soon as there is a new Attack Order created, there will be a new section on the bottom of it, showing all the Orders that were planned by your Tribe aristocracy. You can sort them by a variety of options, but by default, it’s by Arrival time. To see the details of an Attack Order, you can expand it by clicking it. You then can see all the information that was given in the order and set them up accordingly.

To set up an attack, you just have to click the village that is being shown in the planned attack. The Attack Planner will fill out all information like coordinates and such by itself.
The only thing that is now left is to win the fight and beat your enemy, together as a team!

Your Opinion?

As we want the Attack Planner to be used by as many of you as possible, the redesign tackles the entire Attack Planner and changes it drastically. Because of this, we'd like to have your feedback on it! If you do have any questions, please let us know in this feedback thread.
We want all of you to find it useful and if there is anything we can do to improve it, we will try to tackle it. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

The Tribal Wars Team
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