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cant wait for OTG and ESCR use new world 29 as an excuse to give up on this world and move there...
Do you mean they should take a page out of your book? I mean it is what you did to your tribe on w. 27.


Do you mean they should take a page out of your book? I mean it is what you did to your tribe on w. 27.
oh hey, i am gald you are feeling better!
I will be just ignoring your questions because you are very arrogant and ignorant player that claims to know everything but still screws up all the time.. learn how to handle your accounts when co players leave the game instead of trying to start drama on the forums.... and of course my favorite one > grow up!


oh hey, i am gald you are feeling better!
I will be just ignoring your questions because you are very arrogant and ignorant player that claims to know everything but still screws up all the time.. learn how to handle your accounts when co players leave the game instead of trying to start drama on the forums.... and of course my favorite one > grow up!
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I don't know everything, but I do know a hypocrite when I see one. That's exactly what you are when you tell everyone that you are loyal & have integrity while you're playing as dirty as the rest in game.

Apparently I am not the only one who creates drama. Difference is that I can admit that I am trying to provoke you by pointing out the truth of your hypocrisy. If that makes me a child, even better. It makes for great entertainment.


Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I don't know everything, but I do know a hypocrite when I see one. That's exactly what you are when you tell everyone that you are loyal & have integrity while you're playing as dirty as the rest in game.

Apparently I am not the only one who creates drama. Difference is that I can admit that I am trying to provoke you by pointing out the truth of your hypocrisy. If that makes me a child, even better. It makes for great entertainment.
do you have any proof of my dirty play game? please show it to me and to everyone, while you going to be trying start new drama here I will be moving closer to enemy lines and proving my words on the battlefield


do you have any proof of my dirty play game? please show it to me and to everyone, while you going to be trying start new drama here I will be moving closer to enemy lines and proving my words on the battlefield
you disregard proof and shove more of your brownish lies on them


you disregard proof and shove more of your brownish lies on them
bla bla, proof in term of wicked posting some BS on fireball? how does that touches me?
post something interesting instead

"I revel in your hatred, because if I were not effective, you wouldn't hate me." - Roger Stone


It's soooo quiet. You all must be getting along for a change.


shout out ESCR - good job on taking Druids villages,
my questions is - may I have them after you will grow them?


Yo ape Wicked stop mailing Attack, DZ, COCO and Dr players, and trying to get them join your ranks.

Grow up and step up, stop spying BS and stop saying players mail you, YOU TURD mail first and yes weak and in-secure players like fat scrub MATEOJACK will join you cause they do not know what is HONOR and LOYALTY.

Your fault that COCO, DZ, and DR didnt want to deal with you on friendly terms, your rude attitude and close mind turn people away from you.

You made this world such a dirty place, you do not know any better then bully smaller tribes and players and spread lots of lies and BS. GROW UP AND STEP UP YOU game.

Game plan of: more enemy players will quit due to real life and we just wait and eat barbs everywhere is working but not for long.
Players quit because you play like dirty dirty scum....

This is your quote when I confront you about fat scub MATEOJACK jumping ship >>> "Friends are not refugees"

friendship does not change fact that he is refugee and spy and low being player, maybe he did some useful things for you but overall he showed his true colors of being scum.... which is very fits you.

I stepped down from leadership couple weeks ago, but your nasty and dirty style of play is bringing me back.
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Hey , first of all , I don't ask people to join our ranks. I can't help that your own mates hate your guts you idiot. Like Tau91, he wasn't a spy , I didn't ask him anything , he just wanted us to take villas so you don't have them. Why you ask? It's because he hates the leadership that your part of it.

There are 2 or 3 more players that wanna do same thing what tau did . I didn't ask them for anything loser. IT'S BECAUSE THEY HATE YOU LOL.I don't know what you and that idiot stoner fuseball did to your own folks but it's working. They really hate you , again HATE YOU and this is all on you. Since day 1 you lied to people and used them.

Look in the mirror , after all that's what you call me to others when you talk to them about me and see the real problem and stop blaming me that you can't keep your players with you.

They know your history from w26 and w27 and I just love how righteous you claim to be with but we all know that your a snake.

Bully other tribes? , I barely talk to any and I don't use people like you do and I don't promise them spots into attack like you guys do.

How are you gonna fit DZ, Dr. , COCO and whomever else you lied to into 1 tribe ?

Truth is you smelly turd, that you all can't beat us , you need to use other tribes , their support to fight us.

Be honest man, tell the other tribes that you are using that they are going to be food after they are done being used by you guys, after all , that is the truth we all know it.

I don't hug , I don't kiss ass and I dont pretend to be righteous and I was right about you all of this time. DZ is your baby like you have been telling everyone you egomaniac and Dr. Has a lying spy in Todd running it and COCO is and was your bashers so know this and act like I'm bullying them? Lol good one, again why are you lying or just pretending to be stupid in suggesting I do diplo with your family tribes?

Again , look at the mirror if you want to blame anyone. Other folks in your tribe , DZ , Dr. And COCO been figuring this out. So, keep crying and blaming me but the reality is that you suck in leadership since your no good lying backstabber.
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Again, your afor using players and promising them spots and you and fuseball made this world dirty and I'm just following the rules that you all set here.

The truth is you are all mass recruiting top players and have no chemistry.

It's sad when you merge with NwN just to keep us away from some of your mates. Your blocking growth of your own mates , that is the biggest reason why many wanna leave this world and give you a payback love. So keep hugging more.
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How does it feel Sergey that your own mates hate their own tribe so much that they are writing to us about eating them? Not to mention folks in your family tribes . Explain that to us , you righteous , please do.

Let's face it , your a failure in this fantasy game and in real life.

And your talking about loyalty and honorable play lol lol lol lol. What you do and fuseball is not honorable.
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I hope fuseball knows that your aiming for full contrtol of attack and are asking people for votes.


haha you such an ape Mario. Grow up, step outside of your comfortable place of being scum and start playing this game like warrior.
You thrive on dirty plays and spying scum, you can not come up with any better idea then find someone with low moral to make them spy... I am not talking about madhouse - co player of Tau. I am talking about your fat girlfriend MateoJack and JonDoe.Yea you can come up and BS like you always do at all times. Please keep insults and your fake stories going. Come up with whole truth of how you mailed JonDOe and tired to set this tribe to work on you.. As how I said before I know you now, I know how dirty and stupid you are. I do not care about those low morale playes that trade info for something else. I enjoye working with my team and I enjoy talking to my team. I do not accept refugees like you and say after "friends are not refugees". You do not know me in real life., you will NEVER get to my level of honesty and fair play. Again keep spreading your lovely stores and BS, we all aware of who you are. even your own mates know on how negative and rude you are.

You are telling me I am failure in life and in game? again Grow up you ape brained toxic waste, I do not care about win. Even if I willl lose this world it wont be failure for me because I met lots of wonderful guys and I learned whole lot more about game. So far it was wonderful journey and it is unfortunately that my enemy does not know how to fight like a mightry warrior. My enemy maybe decent duke but his insults and rudeness go beyond matter of understanding.

LOL. Attack hug everyone? NO one want to work with you. Only those low morale spies who make deals with you want to work with you. Many small and bigger tribes wanted to turn on Attack but after talking to you they just turn down that idea because it is impossible to deal with such cocky and rude personality of yours.

STOP lying you do ask people to join your ranks, not your current tribe but your sister tribe. STOP LYING, you do mail players first and try to interrogate them.
you are saying good game? there is no honor to play against someone bad like you.

And here is inside on "me trying to take over Attack" - there is POLL in main forum of ATTACK and all members and see it and vote in it. and just for your stupid small brain i will explain > I am not going to take over Attack, Fireball is ultimate Duke who made tribe and he will be always duke, and he knows what is going on.

You are and ape and a joke. You are lucky to have true warriors like Jtatro, River, and Vikings under your command. It is sad they they stuck with toxic player like you.
Last one - you and I both knows - you are dirty, toxic player who are not capable of any constructive talk without insults, I am ho nest mighty warriros who always bring positive ans team work in the game. However thank you for your drama, bring some more Ape-Mario, this is only make our core group stronger.

!0th times i am goonna tell you same stuff again and again, cause your small brain are not capable of understanding or remembering things _ I am from Ukraine, i know for your ignorant persona it is same as Russia but it is same as I would refer to citizen of USA as Canadian.

After all, you do deserve props of how dirty you are and your mind games. Your dirty smell and BS is always on top of the line and always strong.

and please next time put all thoughts and insults in one message, I do handle real life job of 70+ hours a week. I know you do not have any proof behind your words so again go to hell with all of your BS.


jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 07:23
I've come to not fully trust attack leadership. They've proven they just drop connections to leadership to quick when people turn.

[PLAYER]tehbeast[/PLAYER] has gone inactive and yellow. He's in their back yard.

You didn't hear it from me.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 05, 07:25
You guys are just been used like other small tribes before you

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 07:34
Yeah, a lot of us have suspected just taken the next available option to hope in making us stronger. I'm slowly bringing my original NORDs members back. Beware of [ALLY]dr.[/ALLY]. Their leader has ties to attack also.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 05, 07:42
Are you guys gonna form a new tribe ?

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 07:57
Wobbes is technically my tribe. Formed it sort of against attack leaderships approval and basically forced their hand to approve it. Most of the members in it are able to support fairly quick when requested. Either way wobbes is mine has been sense they where formed.

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 08:00
Besides a little smoke and mirrors don't hurt, as far as they'll be concerned my old tribesmen don't want to be with out their leaders. As far as they'll be concerned we will still be a "part" of them until the right moment in time.

The only other tribe that was promised anything to my knowledge is [ALLY]coco[/ALLY]. [ALLY]dr.[/ALLY] has ties to attack in their leadership so best bet would be for you guys to make contact about attack. Currently they are allied with coco and dr. However coco has refused to merge even after agreeing to it so I'd imagine they caught on.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 05, 08:01
We are enemies with [ally]dr.[/ally]

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 08:02
Makes sense. Pretty sure they are supporting attacks front line villages.

If you have any good players you can take [PLAYER]tehbeast[/PLAYER] villages he's inactive.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 05, 08:04
So what are you guys gonna do ? I mean if you all refuse to help with support , after all, that's what they are using you guys for , they will attack you so how you see this playing out ?

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 08:04
[PLAYER]tiger84[/PLAYER] might offer up a rebellion his old tribe all but rimmed him when it came to deciding he was the last to join dr. From his old tribe. He might hold a grudge.

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 08:05
Right now I need to get my members over. I have one of my guys checking around to see who's willing to rebel against them. We would all but back door attack.

DZ leadership is weak. So they'd fall easily I'd say.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 05, 08:07
I mean doesn't tiger know that he is food for attack?

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 08:13
Not sure he got ousted out as a leader by his own council they literally shut him down he wanted to fight attack/DZ from what I recall.

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 08:24
Oh and if I was you I'd be trying to get members deep in your ranks to join you. I know in the south west they've been trying to set up a beachhead down there.

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 11:15
One of my members is staying in dz currently to keep eyes and ears there. What information would you like?

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 05, 13:11
Any Op on us?

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 13:24
I can give you all DZ claims. Can't say much on attack they completely disconnected from us lol

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 05, 13:25
So you gonn a stay neutral or play with them until your ready to be on your own?

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 13:29
Right now we are playing the part, making it look like we are with them. Do that until I can make sure everyone that sees we are not going anywhere with dz make the transition.

The only ops they have are on yourself and the other wickeds and Mateo. I can compile a list of claimed villages.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 05, 13:30
ok, get that, thx

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 13:32
Will do.

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 14:07
Hopefully I'll have the list later tonight. I'm at work but I got someone I trust on the task.

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 14:09
They are trying to get a stack on this village [COORD]482|486[/COORD]. He's asking for 500/500/200.

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 14:12
Oh and I'd make offers to [PLAYER]promised1[/PLAYER] and [PLAYER]lloysdsword[/PLAYER] both are quick to respond to support and both willing to take on the ops. I've been sitting waiting I have troops to spare but waiting to put them to good use lol. Preferably against someone that's been ticking me off.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 05, 14:13
tomaraya all he does is ask for support

Can you see whos sending?

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 14:13

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 14:14
I may not but I might be able to get the info. Let me check with my guy in DZ.

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 14:15
Nope can't but I'll see if I can coax him into talking. If not I'll see if my guy in dz can get him some help.

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 14:15
Lol meaning for you to hit him maybe. He seems over confident at taking the nukes out.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 05, 14:34
Anyone can be cocky if you get other peoples support lol

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 14:45
Very very true.

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 14:47
I sent s message to him. I gotta see if I can get him to tell me how much is coming in or how much he has.

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 14:51
I'm having any wobbes members send less then his asking, gotta look the part. However most of us are pretty far out.

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 17:43
Hat guys asking for 5k/5k more total.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 05, 23:06
Any claims on me ?

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 23:56
Not you but a couple of other wickeds have claims on them.

By the way I like the strategy with the names

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 05, 23:56
Lol confusing

jondoe1142006 Aug 05, 23:58
Definitely go to [ALLY]coco[/ALLY] approach them see if they'd be willing to turn.

jondoe1142006 Aug 06, 00:21
They've been having an issue with one of dz members he's been attacking them lol

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 06, 00:28
I know

jondoe1142006 Aug 06, 10:28
Kishimoto (529|464) K45 Barbarian village (407|481) K44 C007 Plague Palace (502|517) K55 C008 Jekyls joint (503|515) K55 Barbarian village (501|577) K55 Barbarian village (500|578) K55 Skyrim (472|558) K54 Land of Fire (474|556) K54 Deadpool (474|566) K54 castle rock (473|564) K54 Jesusworth (476|565) K54 Windhelm (495|591) K54 Nerf herder (468|549) K54 Citadel NW (484|512) K54 No such village exists No such village exists Citadel Castle (487|515) K54 Citadel W (487|516) K54 Abyss (490|516) K54 Abyss (490|516) K54 Abyss (487|511) K54 Abyss (489|512) K54 Guard 01 (481|510) K54 A01 (405|517) K54 Forest (490|586) K54 Maximumiuss village (507|600) K65 Shy Barbarian - VIII (489|600) K64 I like turtles with teeth (488|601) K64 Sirius (509|421) K45 Violator Kush Village (503|443) K45 Shy Barbarian - V (489|590) K54 034 (426|519) K54 Im Your Huckleberry! (514|464) K45 Habs02 (492|592) K54 habs01 (493|592) K54 020 Riggity Riggity Wrecked (524|429) K45 Angry Bird 6 (514|544) K55 Barbarian village (509|575) K55 [402] all your nukes, Whats the (562|462) K45 Urgot (564|460) K45 [403] Intelligent play here? (565|454) K45 [401] So Decejve.. you used (564|455) K45 Sivir (568|462) K45 033 (427|519) K54 033 (427|519) K54 [404] Take another one from me? (572|451) K45 Barbarian village (491|567) K54 Red Sox - 036 (507|577) K55 062. Blessed Demons (421|507) K54 064. The Blood Bank (422|508) K54 066. The Royal Executioner (418|507) K54 Z05 (419|507) K54 030 (426|520) K54 Z01 (421|503) K54 063. Cursed Angels (419|505) K54 AM 19 (424|505) K54 023 (428|504) K54 Z03 (423|501) K54 061. The Four Horsemen (422|504) K54 Barbarian village (487|559) K54 Barbarian village (534|431) K45 046 (431|512) K54 East-004 (544|554) K55 Forest (491|571) K54 Eruyt Village (505|458) K45 002 (484|597) K54 green (503|563) K55 Barbarian village (500|583) K55 Barbarian village (500|584) K55 K45 000 (518|470) K45 002 (520|464) K45 036 (427|516) K54 Imicus (516|433) K45 Barbarian village (497|592) K54 AntAgonizers lair (518|506) K55 003 (481|596) K54 Barbarian village (533|421) K45 Kubo (532|461) K45 Tiger Knights 17 (533|522) K55 K55-0024 (549|527) K55 green (503|563) K55 tomaraya (576|502) K55 Barb (554|510) K55 Riven019 (554|511) K55 Riven021 (553|511) K55 Riven010 (551|513) K55 Riven009 (549|512) K55 Riven086 Tiamat (559|468) K45 Riven088 Tiamat (559|469) K45 Riven089 Tiamat (559|466) K45 W28.45.0037 krijtje (541|459) K45 Riven065 Tiamat (595|504) K55 Barbarian village (482|569) K54 Barbarian village (478|569) K54 green (504|571) K55 Zlylosiax (508|576) K55 LeBlanc (559|455) K45 Ezreal (559|456) K45 Xayah (559|457) K45 Barbarian village (565|471) K45 Barbarian village (565|473) K45 Caitlyn (558|452) K45 Kalista (562|451) K45 Varus (561|453) K45 No such village exists Barbarian village (526|428) K45 003 Under Control (527|472) K45 Barbarian village (516|413) K45 Barbarian village (534|572) K55 TAKE ME BABY (458|495) K44 K44-0001 (468|486) K44 Bonus village (414|526) K54 Riven039 Tiamat (511|444) K45 Barbarian village (516|504) K55 No such village exists Ace-2 (416|518) K54 Zip Line (508|575) K55 Nabudis (509|462) K45 020 ZsadistsHunni (510|484) K45 021 Mr. Meeseeks (502|422) K45 No such village exists the real mccoys village (548|453) K45 Riven044 Tiamat (506|457) K45 Barb (550|502) K55 K55-0051 (552|502) K55 K55-0052 (552|500) K55 K55-0007 (554|502) K55 Barb (551|503) K55 Barb (554|500) K55 Barb (554|498) K45 Barb (556|499) K45 Riven052 Tiamat (556|497) K45 K55-0019 (556|500) K55 green (506|559) K55 green (518|551) K55 green (516|551) K55 green (517|550) K55 green (515|553) K55 Bonus village (515|556) K55 green (523|554) K55 green (522|550) K55 green (515|554) K55 W28.45.0030 krijtje (567|439) K45 A. 07 DragonMothers ville (495|504) K54 Another Brick in the Wall (503|526) K55 Betrayal (504|527) K55 Betrayal 01 (502|529) K55 green (511|563) K55 FL Starke (512|561) K55 FL Gainesville (513|561) K55 011 Renos Special One Night (504|472) K45 21. (510|435) K45 Barbarian village (517|426) K45 S030 Party on South Beach (512|574) K55 S028 Trust the Process (513|574) K55 Barb (552|520) K55 Alaska treehouse (424|511) K54 Barb (523|474) K45 K45-0009 (526|477) K45 K45-0010 (527|476) K45 Barbarian village (546|441) K45 Riven080 Tiamat (556|455) K45 Riven074 Tiamat (558|459) K45 green (504|563) K55 green (506|563) K55 green (505|564) K55 green (502|563) K55 027. Purr 3 (446|496) K44 W.I.C.K.3.D 098 (446|495) K44 030. Purr 6 (449|494) K44 024. Purr (446|494) K44 023. Djblood (446|493) K44 029. Purr 5 (448|492) K44 W.I.C.K.3.D (448|489) K44 251| Putinista-040 (557|504) K55 249| Putinista-038 (557|507) K55 248| Putinista-037 (557|512) K55 250| Putinista-039 (553|514) K55 Twitch (558|454) K45 Nautilus (555|455) K45 Riven075 Tiamat (562|463) K45 Riven078 Tiamat (570|486) K45 TAKE ME BABY (460|494) K44 W.I.C.K.3.D (489|500) K54 009 Slayer (491|502) K54 W.I.C.K.3.D (489|503) K54 W28.45.0010 krijtje (531|462) K45 C010 Hannibals home (505|499) K45 S025 Southern Migration (511|573) K55 S036 One Hotspur Junior (511|574) K55 C005 Reverends revenge (504|497) K45 022 (498|463) K44 052 (495|458) K44 005 (502|482) K45 001 (497|486) K44 Barbarian village (515|429) K45 017 Nemo (503|419) K45 C002 The pit (495|499) K44 C001 Mediras village (491|499) K44 The Tin Roof (552|436) K45 005 Northern Lights (498|430) K44 Z04 (425|510) K54 027 (423|518) K54

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 07, 12:05
whats the latest man ?

jondoe1142006 Aug 07, 12:34
Not much it's a lot of hush hush. A lot of my old nords members have came over still have a couple over there one of them is joe working less acting like a spy in case they start using PMs to do stuff. As soon as Mateo left they e basically cut all other leaderships out.

jondoe1142006 Aug 07, 12:36
Last I knew we where suppose to have a big op against you guys never received information was just told to send fakes, which myself and most of my members never really sent lmao. And any that did that's all they did was fakes.

jondoe1142006 Aug 07, 12:58
Oh a majority of their fakes come from defensive villages, when I say a majority if your getting 200 or more fakes from specific villages those are their defensive villages.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 07, 13:03
yeah , we know their O villas.

493|442 lol not smart

jondoe1142006 Aug 07, 13:37
He's on board with what's going on. He's just playing the part.

jondoe1142006 Aug 07, 13:41
His loyalty is endless, see nords had a really good thing going. Then we thought it would be a great idea to join attack. I let council decide. Council decided most of council regrets it now lol. So either way, we are in a bad spot, attempting to correct it. Only problem is I need the rest of nords to see the light and move over.

I would suggest putting pressure on lloyds but the guys in wobbes will support him however he asks. Attack and dz members not so much just original NORDs members.

jondoe1142006 Aug 07, 13:43
By the way. Having all of the wickeds with naming the villages each other's usernames is great pretty good at creating confusion lol.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 07, 13:44
When you guys break off then we can establish diplo and help each other. You need to figure out whos in and whos out also stack villas by attack.

jondoe1142006 Aug 07, 13:45
Oh I know, for now I'll feed you what I can.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 07, 13:45
Most of us have been playing with each other since w16 and we won 2 worlds as a group.

jondoe1142006 Aug 07, 13:46
Very nice. I forget the last world I operated on. It was years ago and under a different user name.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 07, 13:48
You played against us ?

jondoe1142006 Aug 07, 13:49
Nah, was on the winning side. Was long ago, just more or less reminiscing lol the last world I played on i was with the winning tribe.

jondoe1142006 Aug 07, 13:53
Lloyds is staying with dz, jfire is spying for me there's only two other members from dz originally from nords. Not sure where they are going.

jondoe1142006 Aug 07, 16:22
Oh and there might be issues between fireball and loooveee but I'm not 100% on that.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 07, 17:00
What kind issues ? I trully doubt that since loovee is fuseballs puppet

jondoe1142006 Aug 07, 17:01
Lol, pretty sure there is, I'm picking his brain. He recently stepped down after promising to move dz members to attack.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 07, 17:02
Nah, it's how they trick people.

jondoe1142006 Aug 07, 17:04
Yeah, maybe, tried to convince lloyds of their deceit. He doesn't want to tribe hop lol.

Mateo use to be on with their skype, he seemed to believe they both had issues.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 08, 16:54
How's everything man?

jondoe1142006 Aug 08, 17:25
Good been busy at work so haven't had a lot of time to check in.

jondoe1142006 Aug 08, 17:30[/report_display]

He said he's gonna bounce a noble off this village.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 08, 17:51
Didn't get the link

jondoe1142006 Aug 08, 17:52

jondoe1142006 Aug 08, 17:52
Nvm he deleted it lmao!

jondoe1142006 Aug 08, 17:53
Hooligans said:

I'm going to try and bounce a noble off this one soon and see what happens

jondoe1142006 Aug 08, 17:53
Nope nvm I'm just dumb lol.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 08, 17:54
He won't get shit .

jondoe1142006 Aug 08, 17:58
It's fine best information I can give. Mateo is talking to jfire so you have two people spying.

jondoe1142006 Aug 09, 07:56
[PLAYER]bender92[/PLAYER] is yellow you guys are welcome to take his villages.

jondoe1142006 Aug 09, 08:00
dimon1 said:
I'm trying to recap [coord]531|499[/coord]

if you can send support right after today at 13:00:04:739

jondoe1142006 Aug 09, 08:04
Lord Edwin said:
Village: [coord]456|581[/coord]
Wall level: 20
Defender: 3000 2761 0 300 0 425 0 100 1 0 0

[command]attack[/command] Spy [coord]510|563[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 09, 2017 10:47:16:362 [player]Reign of Blood[/player]
[command]attack[/command] Ram [coord]533|582[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 10, 2017 15:20:20:307 [player]Reign of Blood[/player]

Village: [coord]453|579[/coord]
Wall level: 20
Defender: 3750 3500 0 300 0 675 0 100 0 0 0

[command]attack[/command] Spy [coord]433|507[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 09, 2017 13:17:00:119 [player]Reign of Blood[/player]
[command]attack[/command] Ram [coord]433|507[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 10, 2017 14:11:11:200 [player]Reign of Blood[/player]

Village: [coord]454|578[/coord]
Wall level: 20
Defender: 3500 3500 0 300 0 725 0 100 0 0 0

[command]attack[/command] [coord]531|564[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 09, 2017 13:57:25:854 [player]Reign of Blood[/player]

Village: [coord]452|577[/coord]
Wall level: 20
Defender: 0 0 1255 300 332 0 50 0 0 0 0

[command]attack[/command] Ram [coord]432|510[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 10, 2017 11:55:38:252 [player]Reign of Blood[/player]

Village: [coord]453|578[/coord]
Wall level: 20
Defender: 5500 5500 0 285 0 706 0 100 1 1 0

[command]attack[/command] Ram [coord]524|566[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 10, 2017 12:59:36:926 [player]Reign of Blood[/player]
[command]attack[/command] Ram [coord]525|551[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 10, 2017 15:20:46:600 [player]Reign of Blood[/player]
[command]attack[/command] Ram [coord]529|563[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 10, 2017 15:28:14:341 [player]Reign of Blood[/player]

Village: [coord]454|582[/coord]
Wall level: 20
Defender: 0 0 0 0 11 0 0 0 0 0 0

[command]attack[/command] Ram [coord]525|551[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 10, 2017 15:27:25:605 [player]Reign of Blood[/player]

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 09, 08:19

jondoe1142006 Aug 09, 08:48
They never learn not to put troops in lol

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 09, 16:53
Anything new ?

jondoe1142006 Aug 09, 19:17
Lloydsword said:
Village: [coord]500|416[/coord]
Wall level: 20

[command]attack_large[/command] [coord]479|448[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 09, 2017 18:44:13:510 [player]W.1.C.K.3.D[/player]

I'd try to convert him to your side.

jondoe1142006 Aug 09, 19:18
Guy was a bit said he failed to recap lol

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 10:15
Had to share this lol

Lloydsword said:
After seven nukes I think they are easing up, I feel like I'm getting a wicked amount of attention right now.... Heheheheheh see what I did there

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 10:19
Alls quite in their forums. And no intel from jfire. I'd say they are over confident of winning the world.

FYI, coco and dr. Have players that have a direct link to fireball.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 10, 10:29
direct link?

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 10:30
One or two players are good friends with fireball. Not sure who in coco but batasian knows who is tight with fireball in dr.

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 11:46
[PLAYER]todsmith1977[/PLAYER] has a connection with attack.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 10, 11:47
Yeah I knew that and me and Todd hate each other.

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 12:30
Nice, makes sense. So essentially you'd have to take him out completely to be able to get That tribe to join your side.

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 12:36
mtvanars said:
Village: [coord]402|490[/coord]
Wall level: 20

[command]attack[/command] [coord]444|471[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 11, 2017 08:42:14:298 [player]pridesdirtink[/player]

Requesting support to stack this village, this is the first nuke. It is followed by one more nuke and then a train, will post those shortly. I have trains inbound to 3 other villages, but this is the one I need help with. Any support is helpful!

2nd Nuke:
[command]attack[/command] [coord]454|468[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 11, 2017 09:59:40:538 [player]pridesdirtink[/player]

Train: Its not a normal train, but all are moving at Noble speed:

[command]attack[/command] [coord]443|460[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 11, 2017 11:12:56:805 [player]pridesdirtink[/player]
[command]attack[/command] [coord]451|468[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 11, 2017 12:58:31:946 [player]pridesdirtink[/player]
[command]attack[/command] [coord]451|468[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 11, 2017 12:58:52:194 [player]pridesdirtink[/player]
[command]attack[/command] [coord]451|468[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 11, 2017 12:59:01:706 [player]pridesdirtink[/player]

So far someone's committed 2k sword and spear and 700HC

Pretty sure I see what's going on with the train. With the resources to spare send a noble out front but have the perk to take a village with three nobles.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 10, 14:09
Some are diversions

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 14:12
Lol yeah I know. The irony is if you guys can get a majority of their allies to turn on them you could win.

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 14:12
Lloyds discovered your spikes in barbs lol.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 10, 14:16
We didn't spike anything to my knowledge

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 14:17
I'm not sure what village it is but it's a barb probably one he had claimed. Said there was a ton of support coming to it.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 10, 14:19
Find out from whom

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 16:11
From a wicked.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 10, 16:14
Get me Coords

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 16:19
Pretty sure lloyds won't give it up he's leaving the support in place.

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 17:16
He won't tell me unless more attacks come on it. I'd suggest checking with the other wickeds.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 10, 17:18
ok, thx anything on djblood?

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 17:19
Not seeing anything.

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 17:20
They seem to be thinking about an op on a village in your core. He's going to receives possibly a targeted attack.

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 17:21
[COORD]528|498[/COORD] this village has a claim by dimon1. Or whatever the hells his name is. Probably gonna run an op on him.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 10, 17:22
they lost 30 some nukes today on dj and another 50 later today , they just dont know it lol.

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 17:23
You know which villages are claimed he's got 8 claims on his villages.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 10, 17:24
The 3 death stars they are after today

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 17:25
lol alright.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 10, 21:51
Why are you guys still attacking us?

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 21:53
I have yet to announce it.

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 21:56
Let some I'm having them play two sides

jondoe1142006 Aug 10, 22:03
Told them to send fakes I have two that are of questionable loyalty.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 10, 22:55
Mateo has a train heading his way

jondoe1142006 Aug 11, 00:02
Yeah it's with out my knowledge, most of my close members are really only supporting and that's at a minimum.

jondoe1142006 Aug 11, 00:06
I may also have an issue with [PLAYER]sjot[/PLAYER] he was closes to loooveee.

jondoe1142006 Aug 11, 08:45
prince-of-everything said:
going to start suiciding a nuke at one of there back villages and see if i can't get them to move there defense around and short range train one of the villages.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 11, 08:49

jondoe1142006 Aug 11, 08:49
Lloyds is duke of dz.

jondoe1142006 Aug 11, 08:51
Lloyds wants us to barb munch lol

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 11, 09:52
as 1 tribe ?

jondoe1142006 Aug 11, 10:54
All three tribes I might take a couple just to take them lol

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 11, 10:56
Start working on one tribe. Attack just wasted 90 nukes on 3 villas plus they are after our new ones so they will have plenty of empty ones close to you guys.

jondoe1142006 Aug 11, 11:16
Roger that.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 11, 11:23
We can make a surprise move, a game changing move.

jondoe1142006 Aug 11, 11:46
We would need villages stacked big time I know they have a lot of reserve nukes, I'll wait until they give the order to build up nukes again. That's when we should make our move.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 11, 11:48
remember , most of their villas by you are either nukes or empty since all of their D is out supporting their front lines against us.

jondoe1142006 Aug 11, 12:35
Yep, how many nukes do you guys have left? Rough estimate. I like to deceive during combat, make yourselves seem incompetent offensively then destroy their nukes force them to rebuild. Launch an offensive in front line villages even leaking false intel to them about areas. From there I can have wobbes prepared to start taking villages in the back. I've gotta build up my nobles I can make almost four full trains.

jondoe1142006 Aug 11, 12:36
dimon1 said:
who can help and with what forces?


W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 11, 13:14
everything on the border is mostly stacked

jondoe1142006 Aug 11, 15:40
Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if they try to create a beachhead in the middle of your core.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 11, 15:42
They can't

jondoe1142006 Aug 11, 15:48
Doesn't mean they won't try. I'd say it would be possible if metro was still on this world.

Lloyds seems confident that we could win against ESCR lol

I pointed out the fact that there's, what four wickeds(variants) and they operate very well as a team. I'm guessing fireball or loooveee made promises again.

jondoe1142006 Aug 11, 20:12
Lol you leak intel to someone? Cause chaos in attack lol loooveee is talking about coming back. Got him questioning fireballs competence. Might suggest trying to work with him over fireball. I have more respect for loooveee he's kept his word to my tribesmen just not able to go further with it in attack because fireball is pulling to many strings apparently attack has kind of fell apart sense he left.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 11, 20:14
Let them fight

jondoe1142006 Aug 11, 20:20
lol I am. I'm kind of encouraging loooveee to leave attack maybe work out something with you guys.

This world would end quicker if you got rid of fireball then merged all the top members into one tribe and just kind of go down the line lol.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 11, 20:21
I won't be dropping our guys for them. Half of attack plays when they have OP on us and are close to quitting.

jondoe1142006 Aug 11, 20:28
Very true, but I want to try to end this world quickly. You all need neutral ground. I could see this being very beneficial. See if we can set a record or something.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 11, 20:28
I rather finish this world with you guys not attack.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 11, 20:29
This will be a very very long world.

jondoe1142006 Aug 11, 20:31
Yeah, and I want to see if we can finish it quickly. I might be able to talk loooveee getting out of attack, I know him and fireball butt heads.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 11, 23:45
BigCountry121508 who is this guy?

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 00:17
Old DZ member lol

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 00:21
The village your scouting doesn't have much to it was suppose to be a fodder village.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 00:26
im not scouting anything

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 00:32
Your right lol didn't see the period.

[command]attack[/command] Spy [coord]482|422[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 12, 2017 02:31:05:541 [player].W.I.C.K.3.D[/player]

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 14:55
You and loooveee really have some issues lol. Was speaking with him on other matters. It would seem he thinks your a liar of some sort. It's ironic because everyone lies at some point.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 15:11
I told you that i hate piece of Russian crap sergey aka looveee. Funny , how he screw us first on w26 by lying and manipulating and them when i called him out he started to lie. You may wanna read externals forums , many people see loovee as a backstabber , lying crap who will use other people.

Btw, we never played together so he doesnt know me. I know first hand of him using people while playing innocent. Thats why i told you that loovee amd fuseball are friends and what your saying and hearing is BS

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 15:35
Read the externals man and he did what I said there he would do. Did he tell you that the tried to join here early in this world? and I told him off? You see anyone can say anything but without proof it's just horse shit. I exposed him on external forums and he calls me a liar. That Russian has save his face.

Many people send me screenshots of him taking shit about me on Skype chats , kinda funny. Listen, ask him why his own mates were writing to me and i didn't ask for it or promised anything and giving me info on DZ, you know why , it's because of who he is and everything between.

Check him out on tribe hopping to save his ass on w26 in the twstats. He sold his tribe out and still got rimmed there.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 15:42
You see my reputation is of an asshole and You know what , it's probably true. I don't kiss ass, promise everything to people, im rude when i need to be , I don't do hugging and usually I Tell people what I think and many, many folks are offended by that, I guess Prozac and Dr Phil control people today and feelings. I have large group that play with me and they play because I put tribe first over individual stats or dreams that some have. Its all about team here and I have everyone's backs here.

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 15:48
Lol he said he'd post external conversations but if I remember correctly old tribesmen of mine Adam-stone exposed it to us about loooveee, I know for a fact metro301 was in talks with you guys a few months back. He's back but on world 30.

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 15:54
I've got a rat in my tribe.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 15:54
What happened ?

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 15:55
Someone in my tribe in leadership is a rat.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 15:57
So that should be few people correct ?

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 15:59
Very few. Two have been serving by my side for a long while I trust them both in fact the one is extremely open about everything she's a good lady. The other one is a young kid who's first time playing he's way small donno benefit for it. Leaves it to dirtydave89.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 16:01
Did they snitched something to attack?

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 16:01
That's ok this plays out well for me lol. I can plop the spying onto dirtydave lol

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 16:01
He sent me someone's quote from my leadership.

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 16:08
Lol here you go.

loooveee said:
We should work for escr

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 16:09
Like I told you, I rather make a deal with you to end then merge for the win with them. I will never merge with loovee, fuseball and FamourBrick. The other I have issues is Murathan since twice he wanted to join us but he couldn't get others to jump ships. I hate skinless players like that. The others I have no issues with.

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 16:10
Why don't you take the ones that you don't have issues with?

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 16:11
because they don't want to jump and I don't recruit like that. If they want to jump ships then they can write to me. I don't steal players like that.

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 16:11
Makes sense, well I'm sending all my members back to dz. chances are attack is going to internal me.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 16:12

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 16:15
Cause I'm not gonna let them get caught up in something they are not fully aware of.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 16:19
Play stupid, say you were joking

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 16:19
Nah, someone rat me out so I deleted he post and showed him how easy it is to create a fake quote.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 16:20
smart , say it's fake

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 16:21
Did he just showed his true colors.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 16:22
What you mean?

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 16:24
Nah he don't listen to reason.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 16:24
Send me convo , just out of curiosity.

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 16:32
Sent sorry, gonna have some fun now. Making him question everything.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 16:33

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 16:34
Btw, one of the strategies in this game is to mind f people , break them mentally and that's what I like to do with people.

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 16:35
Yeah. I have a legit reason I couldn't post at the time he stated I've been at work all day and during the time he says I posted I was super busy.

I work as a mechanic for a living so yeah.

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 19:15
I've been hacked.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 19:16

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 19:17

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 19:17
Apparently they messaged you and posted stuff and said stuff and it's annoying.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 19:19
Who did ?

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 19:21
Donno someone they've been using it with me for a while now apparently.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 19:23
Did they had a sit or your password ?

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 19:24
Password, had email too.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 19:27
So who was it ?

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 19:27
No idea that's the problem. I've changed my passwords to both email and this to have 25 characters.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 19:28
This makes no sense

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 19:28
Ha! How do you think I feel? ;)

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 19:31
You had to give your personal info to somebody?

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 19:31
Wouldn't be the first time I've been hacked ;)

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 12, 19:33
You still didn't answer the question

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 19:35
Nah I've been hacked before doesn't take much but a program. Almost bought the program off someone I know who's good at hacking. You pick a user name and it will run through passwords using back doors into their system. Everyone's password is stored on their servers but even if it's secured it can be hacked. I'm not to worried I increased the digits. Programs like that have. A limit to how many digits it can put in.

jondoe1142006 Aug 12, 19:41
Use to be no one could make a program that couldn't do more then 14 characters apparently it's increased some.

jondoe1142006 Aug 13, 11:13
Want to take a loooveee village?

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 13, 11:15

jondoe1142006 Aug 13, 11:18
Village: [coord]512|422[/coord]
Wall level: 20

[command]attack[/command] Spy [coord]506|419[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 13, 2017 12:12:57:811 [player]loooveee[/player]

Village: [coord]512|417[/coord]
Wall level: 20

[command]attack[/command] Noble [coord]507|417[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 13, 2017 13:51:33:052 [player]loooveee[/player]
[command]attack[/command] Noble [coord]507|417[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 13, 2017 13:51:33:102 [player]loooveee[/player]
[command]attack[/command] Noble [coord]507|417[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 13, 2017 13:51:33:152 [player]loooveee[/player]
[command]attack[/command] Noble [coord]507|417[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 13, 2017 13:51:33:202 [player]loooveee[/player]

Village: [coord]504|414[/coord]
Wall level: 6

[command]attack[/command] Noble [coord]509|406[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 13, 2017 16:21:36:188 [player]loooveee[/player]
[command]attack[/command] Noble [coord]509|406[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 13, 2017 16:21:36:238 [player]loooveee[/player]
[command]attack[/command] Noble [coord]509|406[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 13, 2017 16:21:36:288 [player]loooveee[/player]
[command]attack[/command] Noble [coord]509|406[/coord] --> Arrival time: Aug 13, 2017 16:21:36:338 [player]loooveee[/player]

jondoe1142006 Aug 13, 11:18
That enough cords? He wants to do this the hard way.

jondoe1142006 Aug 13, 11:24
Love hacked my account.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 13, 11:27
How do you know this ?

jondoe1142006 Aug 13, 11:28
He said he could see my forums in leadership for wobbes, FYI only four of us had access to those forums I sat their accounts. He hacked my account and planted information he needed a fall guy to finish off the members he didn't want.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 13, 11:29
check IP address and report that to TW.

jondoe1142006 Aug 13, 11:34
I can't I use it on mobile so it changes constantly for me. I use about six or seven different wifi and data.

jondoe1142006 Aug 13, 12:48
Lol whoever hacked me used my device which means they had to be close enough to clone the phone. It is what it is hacker ruined my game sucks but oh well.

jondoe1142006 Aug 13, 14:40
Hey take my villages.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 13, 15:04
Do you have any by us?

jondoe1142006 Aug 13, 15:08
A couple not many.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 13, 15:30
Ok, are they empty , those by us ?

jondoe1142006 Aug 13, 15:32
Should be send close scouts

jondoe1142006 Aug 13, 18:12
Hey you all on world 30?

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 13, 18:16

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 13, 18:16
just pp

jondoe1142006 Aug 13, 18:20

jondoe1142006 Aug 14, 08:26
[PLAYER]dirtydave89[/PLAYER] and [PLAYER]promised1[/PLAYER] betrayed us, dirtydave89 came for me because he never trusted me ended up making a deal with him and couldn't get leadership of a new tribe to agree to merge his tribesmen. He's had s grudge forever promised is just a big baby.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 08:27
You talk to others ?

jondoe1142006 Aug 14, 08:29
I have one person I trust a lot and she let me know.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 08:34
I bet supoort forums in DZ and COCO are busy

jondoe1142006 Aug 14, 08:41
I could find out or if you want see if [PLAYER]lady Ella[/PLAYER] would be willing to tell you, tell her I said for you to contact her.

jondoe1142006 Aug 14, 08:41
I'd highly suggest wiping out those two members they have no place in any tribe.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 08:45
Did jfire sold you out too?

jondoe1142006 Aug 14, 08:46
Nah, he was helping Mateo he won't be playing much in the coming weeks his wife applied for a new job that will require them to move.

jondoe1142006 Aug 14, 08:47
You want the low down contact lady Ella. She's extremely polite and very nice. Pretty sure she's a bit ticked off that dirtydave did that.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 08:49
I won't be contacting her.

jondoe1142006 Aug 14, 08:50
That's fine, I do however have blood lust, I'm recalling all my nukes I sent away.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 09:25
You gonna fight them back?

jondoe1142006 Aug 14, 09:29
Oh I'm coming for them now I'm pissed at three time to get a beat down.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 10:04
How many nukes you got ?

jondoe1142006 Aug 14, 10:06
Like 3 and a half. Maybe as I was helping someone clear villages to move into the attack core.

[PLAYER]batasian[/PLAYER] has offered Mateo to take a village on the east side deep behind enemy lines for a beach head.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 10:07
That's not worth it if you can't stack it.

jondoe1142006 Aug 14, 10:09
Not trying to take it trying to kill troops >:D


lol What a honorable person you are that is better then others , wow. BTW Ruski, If I remember correctly, more then one person called you out on the honorable thing here on externals . You see, a honorable person, has higher morals and goes above name calling and insults so re read everything that you wrote and stop being a lying hypocrite that you are.

Calling me Ape lol I guess I take that but Ape still has a bigger brain then useless mosquito like you are . See all mosquitoes do is suck the blood out of people, animals and then they move into next person. It's very similar what you do in using people , you use them then you move on to your next prey. Your spineless anyways.

I think sociopath fits right in with you. I mean you poses all of the qualities of psychopath/sociopath. That is in your Russian blood I guess. Look at Putin, same as you. Your in the right country to get help but it's probably too late. I do have issues with people like you that steal oxygen from this way overpopulated planet but that's another story.

Again, how honorable, righteous and everything between you are in calling other people by names ? I mean Aren't you a dog and your master is fuseball. I was right all along when you were denying even talking to him early in this world then denying working with him and using people.

"Come up with whole truth of how you mailed JonDOe and tired to set this tribe to work on you.. As how I said,"

He wrote to me first son, I know your a sociopath and prevents you from understanding this and Yes, like you and fuseball and any other person would do , I Will try to get info for my tribes benefits. How many times on w26 and w27 have you done that? Shit, everyone is always looking for the tribe first so nice try again son.

Madhouse contacted us , he wanted us to have his villas not YOU GUYS. Can you understand that he DID NOT WANT HIS OWN TRIBE TO GET HIS OWN VILLAS? Do you understand that ruski? Do you understand that he hated his own tribe, do you?

Now diplo talk. We as a tribe barely do any diplo because it prevents players from growing like you are doing to some of your mates with all the hugging. If we do diplo, it has to benefit us. We had only 1 allies this in this world and we merged. I remember you being sneaky , trying to get diplo with us and me telling you hell NO.

Other smaller tribes? Again , we don't do diplo that will stop our players from growing. You on the other hand, Hug everyone, merge players from food tribes and use the smaller guys. You still haven't answered my question in how are you gonna merge all the players from DZ, DR., COCO and whomever else your using into 1 tribe? please answer that.

I have turned down many players from joining here and they go to you because they know you accept anyone willing to send you support. I mean that's how most of your border players are stacked. We both know it and who is using whom ?

It's funny that you named so of my mates here, BTW You lied to Viking on w26 and that's why we didn't want anything to do with you this world. We know your a backstabber and quitter on your mates.

I just have to give you credit for this obsession with me. I love it but the problem is. I really don't care if you live or die man. Again, you know that you have to start this or you gonna lose more players. I told you 2 other players from your tribe wrote to me and they want us to take the villas when the time is right and that's what we will do. Your so mad , obsessed about me that normal people listen when you explain them how people are being used by you guys in this game.

If anyone writes to me , I will listen and do what every duke would do, use that to benefit the tribe. It's funny how you always complain but never look at the mirror.

You see, the difference is between me and you is, I will tell you stuff to your face and don't pretend to be something that I'm not. I won't kiss ass or make promises like you the greatest honorable leader do. I don't do that crap. With me is, what you see is what you get and , well you probably will sell your own mother for a dollar at that gas station that you work on cleaning toilets for 70 hours plus per week.

My advise is for you to look in the mirror and do something about it. To me , you are a failure in this game and Real Life and that is really sad. Understand, that people use information fot the better of the tribe. It has to suck losing your own mates like you do and then finding an APE to blame because of your inability to lead and be a good leader. People can smell BS miles away from you. I love how you panic , how we as a tribe scare you and you trying to show your mates that your righteous here but they know of who you truly are. I hope you obsess about me at night time, just remember I'm the husband.

Let's be honest, you can't beat us one on one. You wanna challenge , let's eat entire world and then only 2 tribes will be left us and you and let's see who can win, let's see who has better players , let's see who has better teamwork, let's see who is better. I have confidence in my tribe and I know they are bad ass mofos that will play to the end , what about you Ruski?
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Do you have confidence in your tribe that they will follow you? I have mine confidence. Who will you blame when we will kick your ass ? You wanna challenge tough guy you got one and let's see who is wearing pants and dresses here.


too much too read and too tired of your BS, you do use spies and you do ask for info and you do play dirty.

all you can do is talk nonsense without any proof

again for ape like you - never backstabbed anyone on 26 - asked VIking Power to give me NAP he said no, that was eat., i was not even duke on world 26,
if you can not comprehend prehistory on world 27 go and re-read it. Players who accused me of backstabbing - Dragonkind and Laylah do not play this game no more.

To be honorable team mate and honest to all is not kissing asses it is way of life which you never gonna experience, I am 100 times better leader then you are because I can talk with people in normal manner no matter enemies they are or now.

and none of your business what I am gonna do with tribes that on my side. I do not care what you do with your tribes, I care of fair play - without spyies and dirt, which you ape is not capable of.

Again for your small ape brain, we do not hug, tribes come to us because they do not want to deal with dirty ape names wicked.

Again, you are full OF BS and nonesence

loooveee Aug 10, 20:28
yo bud, what happen?

tau91 Aug 10, 20:30
Well very short story main player tau91 afk for 2 or so months I've gotten bored/ tired of fuseball so I'd thought I'd shake the world by giving villages to attack

tau91 Aug 10, 20:31
You have been kind to me since my days on madhouse please take my 001

tau91 Aug 10, 20:31
Currently no attacks on it and no troops

tau91 Aug 10, 20:32
You deserve my best village the one you helped pre noble while I was on the other side of the world

Maybe Madhouse which was Tau co player was upset with some stuff, but name things how they actually are, stop comeing up with BS, you are full of it.

You are playing using spyies and their intel. What kind of fair game is that? Lmao grow up ape

Again you are so stupid that you can not even comprehend what I am telling you - I have playing this game with my people and victory of world is not my top priority.
We all know you are wearing dress and I am wearing pans. Cause I have truth behind my back and you have spies. I am done talking to you, you are not capable of being normal, you are toxic and low human being. See ya later sore loser, prau on those liek Jtatro and others who carries your lame booty over every world. without your team you are nothing. Duke of pre made tribe that using spies to get advantage on every single stage of the world, duke who can not communicate without insults.

You are toxic ape and I do not care if you win.