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Ruski, you talk so much about spies, we all know you got one too. People backstabbing jondoe after all, they were your spies. They don't know yet that you all will eat them, be honest not a dirty punk.
You may wanna look at definition of a spy because when they write first is that spying or getting back at people?

Let's see how much confidence your mosquito brain has to understand this but answer my questions ruski? I know your pure idiot but that's another talk we can have.
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Proof lol, soon keep that obsession going and start crying now, please do. We don't use people for their support like you guys do and don't promise or lie to them like you guys.
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go to hell Mario you are scum that can not answer any other questions, and only able to create drama and insult people.... you are not aware of anything
I asked you 100 times to give me proof of my backstabbing which you are not able to provide, but every other month i catch you and your spies. Keep at it cause you are not capable of playing as real warrior.


Is that the best you can do little boy? Are you broken mentally yet?


You gonna take the challenge or just scared that nobody will follow you?


You just admitted in game message that I piss you off. Why are you even lying with this?


So far you have been spitting garbage about spies Sergey. You said that I wrote to people and ask them to spy, prove it. Just like with jondoe, you said I write to him but reality is they wrote to me FIRST , tau91 wrote to me FIRST, again. I didn't lie when I said your own mates write to me. It will be fun when 2 more accounts will quit on your leadership skills. Show me where I wrote first and asked them to spy for me, please do.
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Maybe the other tribes wanna listen now, but Im pretty sure Attack made deals with many tribes here about giving the actives only spots in the winning tribe. So maybe 1 or 2 people may get in after all , their roster is full. Even if they eat every villa that we have, it's still doesn't get them the world win so guess what, you all are on the menu and I just wanted you all to know that you are being USED by them, lied by them and yes that's a clean victory not a dirty one like they are playing.


come on sergey , you wanna fight honorable fight , drop your protection players, eat them and lets fight 1 vs 1. You can't beat us like that so your trying to create this imagine of me so others will follow. Your just jealous of me and you know you can't beat us down inside. So keep talking in your head and forcing yourself to believing this crap and after while a crazy bi polar person will start believing their own lies. Your great kissing as sand being on your knees when you need to be. You gonna accept my challenge or be scared little scum bag that you are?


You fuseball check this out ..............and this guy claims he doesn't talk to my own mates. His recruiting is crap and sergey Why nobody joined yet to your tribe?
loooveee on 07.17. at 16:44
haha yeah I know them both pretty well. I have been playing us server on and off since world 8 and I do know lots of folks. I talk to some escr members on weekly basis and have been knowing them for long time. on other hand I am Co duking attack with fireball... have long nasty history with both players and can tell you a lot about them) sadly as much as wicked skilled guy and have strong team. his attitude is no where near to be acceptable even for a game. I have not encounter such egoistic player with bad mouth and no morals what so ever. sad to admit but he disrespect everyone no matter of trive membership or gender or age. indeed fireball have done lots of shady things and I could of report him to administration on world 27 but things are changing and he is still human being that can look for bigger picture. and sadly maybe I will one eyes to you but half of wicked tribe can't even stand him... I do respect his tribe mates cause I have long history with them but wicked is no where being loyal or honor person or player. I caught him on way more shitty things in tribal wars then fireball lol. but there are also lent of truly notorious folks in east that sadly ended up with prick wicked lol sorry just can't stand that prick.. also so many current attack players allied to escr in the early stages of the world. but he just have such a big head


again not interested in your BS so i am not gonna even read it. please stop spamming here.

as far as your BS goes, you never give any proof like I do all the time. you are low morale person and there is no need to continue this.

I know you are scum, my team knows you are scum, other players know you are scum, there is not too much to say

you are stupid monkey, only one tribe can win after all - we all know this. I was duke of DZ and I brought them to Attack as sister tribe, I believe Fireball brought COCO, and Dr. joined our family as well. So we have Attack, DZ, COCO and DR. some of these tribes were with us for very very very long time and they completetly understand big picture and what is going on. There is ESCR and Attack. both have tribe exstention and sister tribes. Not my fault you turn lots of players against you, your rude and negative attitude is the reason.

Honorable fight with scum like you who using all spy info he can get? hahah O-K-A-Y

Do you rememebr OTG and YTG.... their old dukes told me that it is matter of time they gonna roll DZ

LOL DZ is still around where are your strong allies of OTG and YTG, got rolled and joined your rank?

and hey ape wicked, stop spamming like person with ass burgers, and believe me Fireball and I set all our differences aside and he knows that too.


loooveee Aug 14, 12:25
lol whatever u say noob

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W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 12:30
read who wrote first you stupid ignorant Russian

loooveee Aug 14, 12:30
i posted it on external forum as well

he did mailed you first

but you asked for lots of info as well - which is using spy info

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 12:33
yep , any info helps like you are using people. Funny to read your convo with maso

loooveee Aug 14, 12:47
who is maso?

i do not use people for info, drop BS between us, give me proof here...

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 12:49
Look in the mail idiot and find that mail of you crying, look for it

loooveee Aug 14, 12:50
exactly, you never can back up your words. NEVER.

also how about my proposition to you:

give me list of players who are spying so we can get rid of dirt and start tribal wars? or you thrive on using spies?

who is MASO?

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 12:56
Your the biggest backstabber in this game and I will let your own mates screw you over like madhouse did. Im gonna enjoy this.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 12:57
Author said:
loooveee on 07.17. at 15:46
hey bud quick question if you have time. who do you think have most loyalty and honor out of Josh aka fireball. me aka loove or Mario aka wicked?

We had a good laugh and Maso was playing all along with you.

loooveee Aug 14, 13:03
whatever you say =D keep using spyies, keep lying, keep your BS and keep talking to those two faces people because you are one of them. =D you are not capable of fair play here

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 13:11
FAIR? lol your a sociopath who can't realize and understand the truth that your a city backstabber too

loooveee Aug 14, 13:25
who did I backstab? you do not have ability to even communicate normally

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 13:27
Ruski, play that card again. Your a sociopath , look in the mirror.

loooveee Aug 14, 13:29
again you see, you can only say shit but never can come up and answer my questions or get proof behind your words. only talk talk talk talk, insults insults insults. not capable of anything else?

give me proof that i am backstabber?

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 13:37
w26, w27 and w28 soon w30

loooveee Aug 14, 13:42
who did I backstab on world w26?

I was baron of 2 tribes, and i tried to get diplop with Viking Power, never give any info on my tribes to anyone., got rolled with my tribes and moved on. What backstabbing did i do there?

who did I backstabv on world 27?
I made Vendetta and duked it for more then 2 months, Bastrd ducks ruled by Makis was my ally for rest of the server. Both tribes were aware of it. Dragon King and Laylah try to backstab our ally - and I did not have none of it that is why I left and still never passed any info to any enemy. I made Vendetta choose between me or layla& dragoking. tey were not active and did not want to choose, I got butthurt that after 2 months they could not 100 back me up so I left,. who did I backstab?

world 28? who am backstabbing here?

give me more inof, you posting nothing in terms of proof...

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 13:54
AGAIN , could you answer my questions , I know your mosquito brain doesnt understand this Roski

loooveee Aug 14, 14:01
here we go, you are ahead of train to accuse me of stuff without any knowledge of the subject matter, good talk

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 14:16
I know it's too hard to understand when your crazy but answer my questions first , after all I asked you first on externals.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 14:18
You have to be an idiot that you are if you think I talk without having proof. I love pissing you off and I will post them when the time is right. It's all about timing

loooveee Aug 14, 14:24
bla bla bla, i know you love pising me off and you are doing very well all the time... but again you see you do not make any sense, there is no reason to hide inmfor from me on my backstabbing if i did so. but you can not provide anything., i do see that you use infoirmation out of pople in my family tribes and it is unfortunate but it is what it is however I do not play as dirty as you are

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 14:29
You are dirty by using people and the spy thing is just crap that your spitting out without proof.

loooveee Aug 14, 14:31
i just posted proof on you asking for intelligence from pople ion my tribe... which is spying

who do I use?

give me some proof

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 14:34
Are you slow or pretending ? It's all on forums

loooveee Aug 14, 14:37
you are so stupid that you can not put in your own words here between you and me? cause there is 0 dirt on me on forums,. go get glasses and re-read it

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 15:05
0 dirt lol

Why are you using other people troops and promising them spots ?

loooveee Aug 14, 15:05
such as who? i answer many of your questions, answer one of mine with proof....

who? who am i using?

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 15:06
Again are you denying offering spots to DR., DZ and coco?

loooveee Aug 14, 15:11
lol you are so stupid

DZ is my tribe, best of them are joining to Attack
coco is Joshes tirbe from what i understand and top of their gus joining Attack as well.

i am not sure about DR but i can totaly get into it and find all info.

you see those tribes choose to become attack family and it is obvious to everyone but not you that top gus that most acttive will join main tribe in family tribes such as Attack. same story with Escr and Escr. one is extention of other one. Plus how i told you, many dukes of old tribes come to me and said " i wanted to go againt Attack, but wicked is a$$hat and can not work with him"

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 15:20
Again I can't have a conversation with you since your lying. None of the tribes that is the war came to me , so nice try lying and you can't fit everyone so keep lying again.

loooveee Aug 14, 15:22
you see , you can not give me any proof of your words, i know you better then you think, all your mind games makes me only stronger . and i never lie, i am not you, i have honors and respect. talk to riven and jtatro or other leaders of escr, they know my play and know me i do not play like you do, you lame person and player, keep at it - post more BS and cry about hugging, because maybe you are decent as a duke and leader but terrible as player and person and diplomat. you did not answer any of my questions and have not put any proof behind your words, you are scum and that is it

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 15:30
I have proof you mosquito size commie, like I said it's all about timing son. You don't have crap on spying because they wrote to me first . You claim to talk to my tribe as well do i cry over that? Them giving info is on you, its a sign of crappy leadership, bad leadership and total stupidity on you guys. Again, you talk all day without proving anything because you don't have anything on me, asking to spy for me because I don't do that. When somebody starts the conversation first on that topic i will take full advantage out of it like you would do and anyone else. After all, your spies told you about jondoe.

W.I.C.K.3.D Aug 14, 15:31
I bet your own mother regrets having you man, how sad that your so jealous of me that you have to believing in your lies lol very sad.

loooveee Aug 14, 15:40
you ask JonDoe for info on my tribes and he gave it to you, it is spying you twat....



You see I have so much stuff on you that's is crazy. I will be posting them when the time is right and you know why , because I enjoy mind fing you. I enjoy that and every time I piss you off, well my job for today is done.

You all will see Sergey as he is truly , as a backstabber, liar and a dirty player as hell. So Again Sergye , I will embarrass you but when i want and i will drag this as long as I can by dropping stuff every few days.


can not wait for you to post actual stuff that you are talking about

waiting on your proof for many many months now


spamming you ? you started this. I know your mosquito brain doesn't understand this.

LOL you didn't give any proof idiot just basic stuff.


Sad, that you need other tribes to fight us, very good skills you all have in protection.