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    Church Info

    Churches double your troops attack or defense strength. Support units are under the influence of the church in the village they are supporting. Ally and tribe churches do not help - only your own churches affect your troops.

    Church Belief Radius:
    Level 1: 4 fields in every direction
    Level 2: 6 fields in every direction
    Level 3: 8 fields in every direction


    Church Cost Structure:
    Level 1: 16.000 wood - 20.000 clay - 5.000 iron - 5.000 population
    Level 2: 20.160 wood - 25.600 clay - 6.300 iron - 2.750 population(additional)
    Level 3: 25.402 wood - 32.768 clay - 7.938 iron - 4.263 population(additional)

    Church Build Time Factor:
    Level 1 = 5:40:00
    Level 2 = 6:48:00
    Level 3 = 8:09:36
    The actual build time is calculated by the following formula:
    ([build time factor] * 1.05^(-[level of the village headquarters])) / [world speed]

    Church Point Values:
    Level 1: 10 points
    Level 2: 2 points
    Level 3: 2 points

    Church Build Requirements:
    Level 5 Headquarters and whatever farm level required to hold the population.

    Church Destruction:
    Churches can be catapulted but they take significantly more catapults to drop a level than normal buildings.
    It takes 400 catapults to destroy a lvl 1 church(Please confirm?)
    167 to take lvl 2 to lvl 1(Please confirm?)
    and 125 to take lvl 3 to lvl 2(Please confirm?)
    Or 600 to take lvl 3 down completely. (Please confirm?)
    This is with against a empty, wall-less village with 0% luck, no morale penalty and religious attackers (religion makes no difference to the defence of target buildings)
    "When you noble a village the church 'flies away'" - Morthy

    Church Effect:

    All villages that are not contained within a church radius will have all troops' defensive and attack power reduced to 50%.
    This means that you can attack outside your church's radius, as long as the attacking village is inside it.
    Defending troops take the church effect of the village/person they are defending.

    There is an exception to the above setup/rules. The very first church that you start with will be a church that has a 6 field radius and is 10 points. This church cannot be upgraded at any point. In addition, the original church can't be damaged by catapults.


    • Yes you can demolish your first church. However it would be a huge waste. As when you build it back, it will still just be the same 'first (non-upgradable) church'. You can only move it to another village if you have no other churches.
    • If you lose your first church, you can rebuild it if you have no other churches.
    • Churches only affect your own villages, not allies, not others. Only yours.
    • This church is a different one to the one that built priests on the early German servers.
    • Barbs/Bonus will not be affected by churches (I.E spiking villages)
    • All calculations of religion will be done at landing time.
    • Having religion/belief at two or more has no effect. It’s just to inform you that your village is under the effect of two churches, you receive no extra bonus for it.
    • * First churches take less than 15minutes to build at any level HQ. (Please confirm?)
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    how many resources does it cost to re-built first church?
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    I personally like the church. I think it suits my style.

    In looking at the active worlds on twstats I think it shows none of the active have churches. Is this true? And where is this "casual" world that it shows churches for.