Congrats to Egoist! (Ego!) winners of w11


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Congratulations to the W11 US server winners Egoist! (Ego!)

1. Afraid of the dark Awarded 1000pp
2. Magnesium Awarded 750pp
3. MOLOCO Awarded 500pp

All other members of the winning tribe will be awarded 300pp each.

thebuck69 , MX-Nation , sirpatoloco , andi79 , Ganja , Elixir , StonewallJackson , todsmith1977 , lorryorryoreo , CCCrash , takis240 , zzach , arrowspeed , rlt13 , vaiolis , Daaf , 5.1. Bandit , mayo , yjy_86

In addition the world forums for US w11 shall be renamed World Egoist!.​


Congratulations Ego, Good game Afraid. So you al n another world I'm sure.