Congrats to the winners of w18......CTRBK!


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Congratulations to the W18 US server winners CTRBK (Come Back Tribal)

the hobbit Awarded 1000 pp
the2sportguy Awarded 750 pp
swendog Awarded 500 pp

All other members of the winning tribe will be awarded 300 pp each.

byrdman , fdccrew , MikeMikelol12 , Caedes ,blunterpoet , bobbymack , xxmarinexx , tillwalley , jessgamer , MadMike , nodrog ,safire , patf91 , Kam-eX , lodaboy , C.Thom17 , born to kill , nikrendo , maestro lee ,Hawksea , Bullvye , PetHar , TicklePicklePlz6969 , Dmt Euphoria , Deadpool1775 ,H3adHunt3r , GatorHawk , Emanpop , Eziemke , drunknpublik , Frosty The Man ,Dezclasius , trandjel , tank1099 , lord devin the 3rd , ym699 , Kynky

In addition the world forums for US w18 shall be renamed World CTRBK.


Well done guys!

Well done everyone! Was a pleasure playing with you all!

1000dude4 (fdccrew)


thx to all who played the world till the end.
we (the hobbit acc) had some nice fun with all of you.
maybe we will see us again on some other worlds.

good job guys

@external forum admin:
finaly you moved the wolrd.
well the last week must have had ~14 days for you.