Congrats to the winners of w26, D/S (Decept/Shadow)

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Congratulations to the w26 winners

Decept/Shadow (D/S)

1. Sweeney Awarded 3000 pp
2. T-Eka Awarded 2000 pp
3. bergpfl11 Awarded 1000 pp

All the other members of the winning tribe will be awarded 500 pp each.

Old Warrior, Azrael1186, clean up, Zavhoz-alive, balan, lady mimi, BaneSmasher, evgen, Jolly.Roger, Al-li, GottiTheBeast, IzzySuite, Lord rulit22, Batman the Bacardi King, Bubnov, -Centurion-, Dazdraperma, 4yBaK, Apokavk, VengefulSpirit, ep90, gamerun

In addition the world forums for US w26 shall be renamed Decept/Shadow (D/S).