CONGRATS!!! to TSaVge W14 Winners.

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Congratulations to the W14 US server winners TSaVge

1. behery Awarded 1000 pp
2. ravinder.nathan Awarded 750 pp
3. vanatoru de vedete Awarded 500 pp

All other members of the winning tribe will be awarded 300 pp each.

scartik , TribalConqueror , Curly Howard , Dedrawn , Atomic Squirrel , PsychoCloud , AziDahaka , aDyslexicPanda , DonCAesAR , gdubya , DENEMY , Gtl2020 , Millamber , Nazgulman , Lord Malice , TyrionBlue , DR BIOSHOCK , Putin , inetd , REDBILL , bigran , Arnor , Brick City , Thantus , intrepida , Soutelas , saicartists , tillwalley , Boo Radley , Patchkidd , catoctin , xpow67

In addition the world forums for US w14 shall be renamed World TSaVge.


We did it! :) It was a pleasure playing this world with you all. Look forward to future worlds.

On a side note, TWStats doesn't seem to have updated. I finished 6th in ODA and also finished on 8.94 million points not 8.82 million points. Minor things but I dont' like TWStats putting me 2 ODA places lower than I actually I am :p


There are certain times that I get angry
and there are some moments that I am indifferent
but, all (everything) around speaks of you only W14
how I wish to be seeing you again

And if I don't see you again
my eyes, I will close a drawing you will become in the mind......

Good luck to all.