Congratulations to EX on winning US35

Discussion in 'World Ex (35)' started by dabookman, Mar 28, 2019.

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    Congratulations to
    on winning US35
    The following Premium point prizes have been awarded.

    #1 Maximusss 3000pp

    #2 Harvester Of Sorrow 2000pp #3 il bulletto (1000pp

    All the other members of the winning tribe were awarded 500 pp each.

    The Scientist., RedAlert, The Shadow, HeadHuntr, safire, il bulletto, Guns69, Maximusss, fishyfish1775, murathan, CHILL.Cali, karmil, Astaroth, Sierra Dawn, A Baron of Ibelin, FluffyButDangerous, AriaDiMezzo, Sigismund325, Harvester Of Sorrow, Doctor Napalm, Sweet Dreams, BlackHulk, CaliAlleeey, BringingDaFury, Aura

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