Congratulations to Where? on winning US34


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Congratulations to
on winning US34
The following Premium point prizes have been awarded.

#1 Helesta 3000pp

#2 Crizza 2000pp #3 DannyBoy (1000pp

All the other members of the winning tribe were awarded 500 pp each.

Sweeney, Brandv61, knifehand805, robbienilbog, Gjorgiev, DannyBoy, sungsy12345, Crizza, Western Greens, RedYan, karpathium, Whinny the Pooh, cherry, MonsterMonster, texans, Sly Cooper, assultmaster, Kritt, the real mccoy, pussycat11, creepingdeath, iSlaughter, mofun21, ZenST, Foxfyre26, kooppa, BSuave, Helesta

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