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Hello @sharmanhall ,

So many things wrong on one single post.

1. Un-approved scripts should NOT be used on live worlds. Apparently, you have recorded yourself while using an un-approved script on a live world us72. This is illegal.
2. Seems to me like you are loading the script very likely as a greasemonkey/tampermonkey script. Again, this is against the rules of the game. This is illegal.

Please take some time to read the rules of the game regarding scripts:

Now, when it comes to the script itself, the only good thing for you is that the script does nothing really.

So while the script is un-approved. The script does nothing malicious, however is STILL UN-APPROVED and is still illegal to use the script on a live world and is even more illegal to SHARE the script without approving it because other players might find this script (which so far does nothing) and use it and you can get players banned this way.

Just so you know.

The proper procedure is to write scripts on a sandboxed world (example worlds on Tribal Wars beta server), then once the script is ready, you send it for approval on the Tribal Wars International server (since the US server inherits scripts from the .net server).

If the script is approved there, then you can use the script on the US server too, unless there are specific cases and announcement against that on the US server.
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