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Rip :(

I've completed about 400 levels on the event so far and have a decent understand of the guide... and people have been saying they need a guide ASAP so here it is.

First of all, I'd like to congratulate the developer(s) on offering probably the most engaging and balanced event I had seen in this game in a long time.

This event offers great rewards (albeit they are the standards rewards with low variety) for the price you will be spending on this event.

I. Rewards

For rewards, the only items you should be considered are the Resource Package 10% and Flag Booster.

For 6,000 you can get 10% warehouse while flag booster is 13,000 Stolen Goods.

The catapult booster is also a nice item if you're looking to really cat enemy hard late game and it's cheap, so try out that if you got some leftover stolen goods.

If you are confused why these rewards, check out some of the other guides I've posted... pretty clear that none others are worth the price.

II. Gameplay Part I

The cost per run is 13 premium points. If you plan to spend 10,000+ premium, prepare to strap down because with this event the average run completion time is 45-60 seconds if you're quick.... That means you'll be spending about 12 straight hours just to spend 10,000 premium.

First, let's look at the map:

You're going to want to scale the sides first, as a bandit will block all adjacent spaces next to it when you find one.

If you go in the middle, the bandit will block 3 spaces, while sides will only block 2.

II Gameplay Part II

Now that you've got the map figured out, let's talk about runs and fighting.

The bandits always reward you with 20 Stolen Goods regardless of the level, so it's good to kill them earlier rather than later.

My current suggestion is to ALWAYS clear bandits on Floor 1 and USUALLY clear raiders on Floor 2, but this is situational.

Something that needs to be noted:

If you keep opening rooms on the early stages, the bandits' attack power will GREATLY increase. Due to this, I suggest killing bandits immediately upon seeing them.
If you hold off, even early level bandits will overwhelm you and cut your run short.

A good average for runs to be proud of is to reach level 3-4 with some runs going past 10-15 due to luck from not seeing any bandits blocking your way to the next dungeon!

II Gameplay Part III

The attack boosts and health boosts are also quite valuable for players looking to take out bandits. If you grab an attack boost, it increases your average hit by +3... This will almost guaranteed a 2-attack clear on any bandits between levels 1-2 and mitigate a lot of damage to yourself

Important fact that some may not realize:

You will ALWAYS first-hit the enemy bandit. If you have enough damage to kill that bandit and they die... THEY WILL NOT HIT YOU BACK

When you are basically guaranteed to die on higher levels, it is suggested to ABANDON YOUR RUN. This will give you evasion chance for your next single run equal to 5% + the level you abandoned. If you abandon a run on level 15, you will gain 20% evasion chance for your next run... This caps at 30%

If you abandon a run, you will receive ALL REWARDS prior to the abandoned level, so if you abandon on level 15, don't fear you'll still receive all rewards for levels 1-14 :cool:

III Premium Utilization

If you plan to spend over 1,000 premium on the event, you'll see many good runs and many bad runs.

From spending 1,400 premium (Small sample size) so far, I've received about 50,000 Stolen Goods (This includes the quests rewards so I'll assume ~48,000 to make simple)

Currently I'm probably averaging around 440 stolen goods per run.... ON AVERAGE you'll see about 300 stolen goods per run and the randomly LARGE levels you get to through luck will highly increase your average due to these abnormalities. I'd expect the average player to round out at about 400 stolen goods per run after some practice.


Heals and bandit reveals scale in cost (10 pp, 20 pp, 30 pp, 40 pp, 50 pp +++ per use)

III Premium Utilization - Rewards per Premium Conversion

If you're averaging about 440 Stolen Goods Per run, here's what you can likely expect to receive from this event.

The average warehouse 10% will cost you about 177 premium points. This is an incredibly good deal, and this event is great to farm event rewards... Just takes long time.

All in all, if you're still confused here's my TL;DR

-Clear guards on early levels (Round 1,2) and kill guards before revealing them all. Revealing all makes guards stronger.

-Scale the sides of the event dungeons. Results in LESS obstruction from guards

-Look only to purchase warehouse 10% and flag doubler

-Higher level dungeons will drastically add to your dungeon average due to pure luck

-Don't spend on bandit reveals/healing unless you are a whale. If you pass level 15, then maybe consider using 1 bandit reveal to increase as clear bonuses are pretty nice.

-Average between 150-200 premium per warehouse %. Affordable event!

Why is this event so great?

This event is great because it's engaging, immersive, requires some level of thought and it balances the gap between high and low spenders.

Usually high spenders can dip 50,000 premium in the matter of an hour. Those who have fat pockets and high paying jobs can usually just spend without concern for the game.

However with this event you're paying in TIME and PREMIUM. Those big spenders likely have Less TIME than the hardcore grindy players which puts them on a similar playing field.

Expect each 1,000 premium you spend to cost you about 60-120 minutes in time spent (Unless you whale out on heals/bandit reveals). Go watch Netflix and have both screens open... It'll be a long 14 days ;)

If you need anything else, just let me know and I'll add it.

-Steve/Report/The Guide


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Check your account registered email. TW is also giving 4,000 stolen goods, pretty cool incentive to try out the event :cool: