Defensive stacks (what they used vs now)


So this is a pretty basic question/discussion .

In the old'n days it was a pretty straight forward concept wasn't it? There was a build for offense and defense, that was the most efficient and that's what you built and that was that right?

But now with the new palidin system that seems to get thrown out the window doesn't it? It certainly seems like if you are not building as many spears/swords as you can you are doing it wrong, because those fellas are boosted by 30% each. Furthermore have the other units basically become obsolete? I can understand HC getting a pass because of their utility, but what of Archers? Why in the world would you build more than say 500 archers anymore? they aren't boosted at all, and it seems like spears are just in general a more useful troop with the boost, not to mention much faster building.

Well then tell me your thoughts on this subject, what are your personal favorite FULL defensive village builds.


If I am not mistaken Mounted Archers count as archers and not as cavalry so spears are not as good as archers to defend against them, therefore against a lot of MAs maybe you would want more archers. I wish HC was more useful when the player has 1-2 villages

Marte Ultor

You are underestimating the archers, the best full defensive village is made by recruiting 10000 archers, 5000 swordsmen and 5000 spear figthers, the only way to (almost) defeat it is by atacking with 7000 axemen, 300 ram and 3000 mounted archers, as you will rarely find someone who recruits 3000 mounted archers, this is the best defensive village you can have. Give it a try on the simulator.