Did .US suddenly get smaller?

Im not Crazy Henkie.

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I hope tribe limit is 10, perfect for such a small server.

I would even love to see 7-8 as limit but I know the majority does not want this so not going to try and push this :)


I’d love that too. It’s not possible tho because of the cost of university. The world would take way too long to complete. We’re generally finishing anywhere between 5 to 20 times smaller than .net, yet will have the same economic cost of completely the world. Where they finish a university in a month after endgame starts, we could take several months to complete it with our size :(


There’s no morale as far as I know, so that’s a good thing.

And yes, I hope I’m wrong regarding how long it could take us to complete vs .net and other larger servers.

I did put in a ticket, so hopefully someone looks at the numbers


The universities won't have any impact on the winner anyway, just like any other special world ending, so I wouldn't stress too much about it. When the world is won people are just gonna have to log once every 2 days and fill the universities a bit, but I get your point that it could last longer than we would like it to


You’re totally right El bahattee.

To be honest I think the devs might be slightly missing a trick on this. Would be way more fun and entertaining to have the universities completable a little earlier than End-Game phase. Would be nice to see some panic when the world is still in full flow and a tribe nearing completion of their university.

Would mean all other wars have to be stopped and everyone scramble go to work on the tribe/university that is nearing completion. Could add a new dimension to a world.

As you say, the way it is gonna be set up, it’s essentially the same as any other world. Kill all other tribes and build a university lol